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Newport Beach is well known for having a relaxed lifestyle with many residents choosing to walk, skateboard, and even use electric scooters or motorcycles as their primary means of transportation.

Driving a motorcycle down PCH in Newport Beach (or on Balboa) is always a great time, but it comes with a lot of risk.

Being hit while driving a car is bad enough and can definitely impact your entire life (injuries, medical bills, insurance drama, etc.), but being involved in a motorcycle accident is almost always a lot worse than a car wreck.

Insurance companies aren’t in business of paying out money, in fact insurance companies are known to deny claims outright or stall as long as possible to deter an injury victim from pursuing a case.

This of course makes it very difficult for the average motorcycle accident victim to function after an accident.

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Why Contact Law Offices Of Daniel Kim

There are simple things that a good lawyer can help with, like what if the police report is wrong and you need to get it corrected.

We wrote a longer article on what to look for when you hire a personal injury lawyer and it offers some great insights.


What Is My Motorcycle Accident Settlement Worth

It is very common for our new motorcycle accident clients to ask us about how much money they will get, and if they can sue the other driver, etc.

They ask “how much compensation can I get and how long will this personal injury settlement take?”

Each motorcycle accident in Orange County is unique and dependent on so many variables – was it a hit and run, were you hit by an uber driver in Newport Beach, do you have full coverage, how bad are your injuries, etc.

The damages that you suffered are a determining factor in the amount of the settlement you can get and this is why you want an experienced motorcycle accident attorney like Daniel Kim on your side.

Your injuries from the motorcycle accident will be included with any calculation that your lawyer makes.

Some damages are always much easier to calculate like ambulance and medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Some accidents are a lot harder to quickly achieve settlement numbers for, like pain and suffering are much harder to put an amount $ on.

Another part of the equation that will impact any settlement offers would be if you suffered injuries that can affect you for a longer period of time in the future as you deal with ongoing treatment.

If you are a carpenter and lost an arm in a motorcycle accident then your ability to earn money will be affected in the future.

This type of injury might enable you to get compensation for –

  • Physical therapy and surgeries in the future
  • Any drugs or meds you to help deal with pain
  • Possible home remodeling for access to wheelchair, etc.
  • A special car or van that helps somebody who lost a leg or arm
  • Home health care aide to help with daily activities (cleaning, etc.)

Don’t fight this battle alone, call Daniel Kim today.


Should You Contact Your Insurance Company After Accident

Yes you want to contact your insurance agent after an accident, but if possible contact Daniel Kim before you start contacting other people.

If you get into a motorcycle accident and suffered injuries, you’ll want to contact your insurance company regardless if you are not at fault or if you were hit by an uninsured driver.

Even if you are not at fault for the crash, you want to communicate with your insurance company because they have their own ways of determining fault.

Many coverages exist with your insurance policy that you might want to use, and in order to use these specific coverages you will need to follow certain protocol with your insurance company.

Again, we recommend that you contact our law office today to get answers to your questions and make sure you aren’t fighting the insurance companies all alone.

An example is towing insurance coverage (that you might have) can come in handy if your vehicle had to be towed, but this requires that you make your insurance aware of the accident in Newport Beach.

One Killed in Bicycle Accident at South 1st Street and Reed Street [San Jose, CA]

Common Causes For Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles give riders a way to easily get from one place to another in a fast-efficient manner.

They are a lot of fun to ride and much easier to find parking for than a car or truck.

As a motorcyclist, no matter how safe you drive, there is still a chance that another car will hit you, especially with all the teenager drivers in Newport Beach driving their parents luxury cars.

There are a thousand variables that can cause a motorcycle accident, but we have listed the most common reasons below that lead to a motorcycle wreck.

Speeding – this is always a leading cause of accidents, but speeding makes it very difficult to see a motorcycle rider and the higher the speed the worse the impact and injuries.

Driving unfocused – distracted driving like texting, looking at maps, talking on the phone, and even writing emails.

Abrupt stops – Tailgating or following to close to a vehicle can cause accidents on a motorcycle as well as other vehicles.

Lane splitting – Driving between two lanes of traffic. This is legal but pretty dangerous.

Motorcycle defects – manufacture defects or the failure of the system or part of the motorcycle is a common cause of accidents.

Inexperienced drivers – these drivers are very likely to compromise the safety of motorists and make for unsafe road conditions.

Car doors – when a car owner opens the door in the path of an oncoming motorcycle without looking. This does occur from time to time.

Treacherous road conditions – this can include random debris, potholes, cracks in the pavement, lighting issues as well as winding, curvy roads can be unsafe.

Driving under the influence – DUI and DWI drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be extremely dangerous and these drivers can face both criminal and civil liability.

spinal injury

Common Injuries From a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders are incredibly vulnerable on the roads of Newport Beach. This is due to many factors like their small size compared to other vehicles and the fact that they have no real exterior safety.

A helmet is a necessary start when it comes to motorcycle safety but in no way safe enough.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most motorcycle crashes result in injury or death.

Follow all the motorcycle laws in Newport Beach, be aware, and be a polite rider, all of this will help keep you safe.

Injuries that a motorcyclist in Newport Beach will deal with –

Disfigurement – this includes road rash and occurs when the road makes contact with the rider at high speeds. Scarring of the tissue is often the result and can also lead to infection.

Broken bones – the main problem for bikers is that they have no steel (or protection) around them to protect themselves in an accident. Usually broken legs, ankles, and broken arms are what riders deal with.

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injuries and concussions can result in mental and physical disabilities that can limit a person’s life.

Back and Spine – when the spinal cord is injured from the impact of a motorcycle crash, it can result in paralysis (paraplegia). This is a catastrophic injury that usually results in permanent disability for the biker.

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Newport Beach Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Locals and visitors to Newport Beach are going to want to make sure that they keep their eyes on the road while driving throughout this Orange County community.

And particularly since California is responsible for 11% of all US automotive fatalities – and Orange County is the second worst county in the state as far as overall accident rates are concerned.

In 2017 alone, more than 1000 automobile accidents involving motorcycles resulted in a fatality.

The roads in this community can be pretty unsafe for those driving around on two wheels.

Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents In Newport Beach

Anytime you are talking about automotive accidents that involve motorcycles the potential for injury rates increased dramatically.

According to the California Department of Transportation nearly 80% of all automotive accidents involving a motorcycle resulted in at least one injury being reported.

Motorcycle Accidents Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

Unfortunately, the problem of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the state of California is only getting worse with time.

According to information released by the California Department of Transportation instances of driving while under the influence of alcohol are up just over 23% over the last five years.

On top of that, 11% of motorists involved in accidents are found to have been driving while under the influence of drugs as well.

Motorcycle Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is one of the top three causes of accidents on Newport Beach roads today, as well as throughout the rest of Orange County and the state of California, for that matter.

Research shows that 80% of all accidents involving motorcycles and automobiles in the state of California are caused by at least some sort of inattention of the drivers and operators of these vehicles.

On top of that, 75% of motorists throughout California report that they text, email, or use social media on their phones while they are driving even though they know it is fully against the law.

Dangerous Intersections In Newport Beach

Some of the more dangerous intersections in Newport Beach are Balboa Canyon Drive and MacArthur Boulevard, Bristol Street and Irvine Avenue, and the intersection between Balboa Boulevard, Coast Highway, and Superior Avenue.

How Many Motorcycles Are Registered In California

California has the largest amount of registered motorcycles of any state in America, with almost 800,000 motorcycles registered to individuals, businesses, and state organizations as of 2017.


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