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Personal injury lawyer Irvine, California
Irvine is a growing city in Orange County with over 298,739 people (2021) calling the city home. The city is beautiful and located right in the middle of the OC.

The city of Irvine was developed by the Irvine Company in the 1960s and was formally incorporated in 1971. It is home to multiple shopping centers, trendy retail, and entertainment venues for all ages to enjoy. Irvine itself is home to wonderful people, growing companies, top schools, and offers a peaceful vibe to enjoy life here in OC.

If you were injured in an automobile accident be sure to contact our personal injury law firm in OC today for immediate help.




Irvine Car Accident Stats

No matter the cause, car accidents completely change victims’ lives.

The California Office of Traffic Safety has reported that there was a total of 891 accidents resulting in many injuries and a few deaths in the city of Irvine.

  • 56 involved bike riders
  • 36 involved pedestrians
  • 22 involved motorcyclists
  • 54 involved a driver under the influence

If you or a family member were injured in a motor vehicle accident, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our personal injury law firm will provide immediate help.


Irvine Personal Injury Lawyers

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident with a pedestrian, carbikeUbermotorcycle, or truck, then please contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim for a free consultation.

Our law firm has years and years of experience dealing with injury accident cases in Irvine. In addition, we have helped clients all over Orange County and Los Angeles.

We know the feeling that injured victims are dealing with as they face medical bills. There are also questions about how long a lawsuit can take. Our lawyers offer a wealth of knowledge and a ton of compassion for our clients.

Irvine is known to be a safe place to live. However, when you start getting on the 405 and 5 freeways, the roads get dangerous. Culver Blvd. and Jamboree are also prone to traffic accidents.

The term “personal injury” refers to an area of civil law. This allows injured individuals to attempt to get compensation for losses (monetary and other) stemming from a traumatic incident due to another person’s negligence.


Why Hire a Personal Injury in Irvine?

After an accident, many injured victims ask themselves if they should hire a lawyer to help them.

The sad reality is that the insurance companies will make the process of getting a settlement as difficult as possible. Also, they reduce the settlement amount. This is why you need to work with an attorney

Most personal injury claims aren’t as simple as they first might seem. Therefore, once you start digging deeper, you’ll realize that you need professional legal help.


Having to Deal With Insurance Companies After an Irvine Accident

Irvine Personal Injury Lawyer

Do not instill all of your trust in the insurance companies or believe everything they tell you. Once you start signing papers and giving statements, you jeopardize your case. You may also be giving away any opportunity to get fairly compensated.

A common tactic is for the insurance company to offer you a quick settlement. However, do not take it. These big corporate insurance companies prey on the injured. They know you are not in the best headspace.

The bottom line is don’t sign anything. Don’t give any statements. Speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer first.


Seeking Damages in a Personal Injury Case

If you were injured in a car accident in Irvine, you may qualify for compensation. There are a variety of damages you can seek and should cover the injuries sustained. This includes:

  • Loss of Wages – Missed work due to injuries
  • Medical Bills – All medical costs
  • Pain and Suffering – Physical pain and mental suffering
  • Rehabilitation Cost – Physical therapy treatment
  • Punitive Damages – Especially horrific accidents from negligent behavior


Making Demands and Negotiating

Personal injury claims are settled before a lawsuit takes place — with the right legal representation.

If we believe that your case can be settled, then we will make a demand to the insurance company. This also speeds up the process of getting your compensation sooner.

Daniel Kim is the top car accident lawyer here in California, and he can fight for you.

Practice Areas We Specialize In

Motorcycle Accidents – As we all know riding a motorcycle is very dangerous, and almost all motorcycle accidents lead to severe injuries.

Truck Accidents – there are actually quite a few semi-truck accidents in California, but our law firm knows what needs to be done to protect your legal rights.

Lyft / Uber Accidents – Uber and Lyft have become so popular that sometimes it seems like every other car on the roads here in Southern CA is an Uber or Lyft driver.  Uber has a unique commercial insurance policy. Therefore, if you were injured as an Uber passenger or if you were hit by an Uber driver, call us.

Car Accidents – This can involve any type of crash from an Uber wreck, to maybe a teenage driver hitting you, or maybe an old lady ran a red light and rear-ended your car. Call us if you have been in any type of car accident and you were injured. We are here to help.

Pedestrian Accidents – These are always bad accidents because a pedestrian has no chance against a 2,000 lb. car that runs them over.

Don’t Pay Any Fees Unless We Win Your Case

Feel comfortable knowing that if we don’t win your case that you won’t be paying any fees to us. This is very important and you should never pay any Irvine injury lawyer fees in advance.

We are so confident with our law firm that we don’t charge any fees unless we win your case.

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