Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim – Personal Injury Lawyer Long Beach, CA

Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim – Personal Injury Lawyer Long Beach, CA

View of Long Beach. Personal Injury Lawyer in Long Beach.

Long Beach is known for the Aquarium Of The Pacific, Long Beach Cruise Terminal, and Queen Mary.

Long Beach personal injury lawyer, Daniel Kim, and his team of highly experienced attorneys have proudly represented car accident victims throughout Southern California and have successfully recovered over $300 million for clients.

Contact our Long Beach office after a traffic collision that caused you to sustain injuries. You could be eligible for compensation. The consultation is completely free with no obligation to sign with us. We’re available to assist 24-hours a day, seven days a week.




Why Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

Following the accident, the other driver’s insurance company will contact you with questions pertaining to the accident. Answering these questions is where most victims go wrong, and later find themselves in a bind. Insurance adjusters entice injured victims into agreeing to the lowest possible settlement. Working with a car accident attorney, specializing in personal injury, will prevent this from happening.

In addition, California’s “statute of limitations” is typically two years, but can be even less in certain circumstances. This means that victims have a limited amount of time to take action following a car accident.

Daniel Kim will work with you to make sure your rights are not violated and that you receive the fair compensation you deserve.  Schedule your free consultation today.


Practice Areas We Specialize In

Personal Injury Lawyer Long Beach

At Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim, our accident lawyers exclusively handle motor vehicle accident cases. In fact, our outstanding attorneys focus on motor vehicle accidents, setting us apart from other firms.

Car Accidents – This can involve any type of crash from an Uber wreck, to maybe a teenage driver hitting you, or maybe an old lady ran a red light and rear-ended your car.

Motorcycle Accidents – As we all know riding a motorcycle is very dangerous. Also, almost all motorcycle accidents lead to severe injuries.

Truck Accidents – Accidents involving commercial trucks, big-rigs, tractor-trailers, or other oversized vehicles are complicated. However, our law firm has years of experience dealing with these types of cases.

Pedestrian Accidents – These are always bad accidents because a pedestrian has no chance against a 2,000 lb. car that runs them over.

Bike Accidents – Bike accidents always lead to a serious injury, even if you are wearing a helmet.

Uber and Lyft Accidents – Uber and Lyft have unique commercial insurance policies. Therefore, all parties involved are eligible for compensation.

Catastrophic Injuries – In саtаѕtrорhіс іnjurіеѕ, the vісtіm іѕ еntіtlеd to rесеіvе muсh hіghеr compensation соmраrеd tо the ones whо ѕuffеr mіnоr іnjurіеѕ.

Wrongful Death – In California, the deceased’s spouse, child, partner, and other entitled individuals can file a claim and receive damages.


What Is a Personal Injury Case?

If you were injured in a car accident in Long Beach, you may be eligible to receive compensation.  However, a personal injury claim must first be filed.  Following that claim, a settlement between you and the responsible party’s insurance company is determined. 

Regardless of the other driver being at fault, the insurer will attempt to pay back the least amount in damages.  They will also attempt to drag out the process.  This tactic manipulates victims into accepting a less than ideal settlement amount.

You can avoid this by partnering with an experienced personal injury law firm, like Long Beach Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim.


What to Do After a Car Accident

What to do after car accident

Before taking legal action or even filing a claim, consider the following:

  1. Contact the Police – A police report can help support your case and work as favorable evidence. It is also a legitimate and accurate written account of the traffic accident.
  2. Retain Evidence from the Scene – Take pictures and video footage of the wreck. Document the damages made to both your and the other driver’s property.  Collect the contact information of any eyewitnesses present during the accident.
  3. Seek Medical Treatment – Whether your injuries feel minor or severe, always get medical treatment. This can prevent your condition from worsening.  It will also indicate that your injuries are legitimate to an insurance adjuster or jury.
  4. Maintain a Record of Damages and Injury – Collect all documents related to your injuries. This includes medical exams, pain management treatments, and all other out-of-pocket expenses.
  5. Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer – It’s beneficial to discuss your collision with a Long Beach car accident lawyer. Consulting with an attorney who specializes in personal injury law can protect your rights and provide guidance on what to do next.

Long Beach personal injury lawyer, Daniel Kim, and his award-winning team understand the mental, physical, and financial distress that arises following a car accident. This is why we offer a personalized service for each client and work on a contingency basis.


Benefits a Car Accident Lawyer Provides

compensation for personal injury case

Car accidents dramatically affect victims and their livelihood. Between dealing with the pesky insurance companies and increasing medical bills, the process to get everything resolved can be highly stressful. Partnering with a skilled personal injury lawyer ensures you receive the maximum compensation you deserve following a car accident.  

The Long Beach office of Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim will help you navigate through the legal process, making your main priority healing and recovering from your injuries. Additionally, our law firm will provide the following benefits.

1. Proves Liability and Damages

Proving your injuries and suffering is a crucial part when pursuing a personal injury claim. This process will greatly impact the compensation you seek. Car accident lawyer, Daniel Kim, and his team will look at these elements to prove the negligence of the other party involved:

  • Medical Bills – Our team will collect all medical records, tests, and scans relating to the accident to evaluate the monetary cost of ongoing and future medical treatment
  • Pain and Suffering – Emotional trauma due to a car accident is another important factor to evaluate when seeking compensation. Our attorneys will look at any mental distress you may have developed from the collision, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, or PTSD. This ensures that you receive the medical treatment you deserve.
  • Loss of Wages – The unexpected expenses resulting from a car accident can cause major financial stress, especially if you are unable to work. Therefore, you are entitled to recover any lost income.
  • Property Damage –  In an auto accident, property “damages” can apply to the vehicle or other personal items that were destroyed in the collision.

2. Deals with Insurance Companies

Our Long Beach personal injury lawyers are experts in handling aggressive insurance companies. The claims process begins with filing a claim to the defendant’s insurance, which gets complicated. This is because insurance adjusters will attempt to fault victims for the crash to reduce the settlement amount.

Skilled personal injury attorneys know this. Additionally, they know how to evade their tactics and recover compensation for their clients.In addition, partnering with a personal injury lawyer, like Daniel Kim, shows that you are prepared to fight for what you deserve.

3. Recovers Compensation

With a 99% success rate and recovering $300 million for his clients, Daniel Kim and his team of experienced personal injury attorneys have extensive knowledge in car accident cases. We have proudly served a number of clients in Long Beach and the surrounding areas. Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn about your compensation.


About Long Beach

Queen Mary in Long Beach

Long Beach is approximately 20 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles and is known to be one of the gateway cities of Southern California. The Port of Long Beach is the second busiest container port and the world’s largest shipping port. The historic Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific are among Long Beach’s most popular local and tourist attractions. Additionally, California State University Long Beach is one of the largest universities in California by enrollment.

Dangerous Roads and Intersections

Long Beach is one of the most populated cities in Southern California. And like most major cities in Los Angeles County, LB experiences much traffic, which ultimately leads to the regular occurrence of car accidents. Here are the most hazardous roads and intersections in Long Beach:


Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim Is Here to Help

Daniel Kim and his team of experienced car accident lawyers in Long Beach can help you win your personal injury claim. We will fight to keep you protected and get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim is proud to serve the neighboring cities nearby Long Beach including: Avalon, Carson, Gardena, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Lawndale, Lomita, Long Beach, Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, Signal Hill, and Torrance

Directions to Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim

Our Long Beach office is conveniently located next to where the 405 and 710 Freeway meets.

Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim – Long Beach
Address: 3646 Long Beach Blvd #201, Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone: (562) 512-5550

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, then we can help. Schedule your free consultation today.



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