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Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim has a proven track record of helping injured victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, uber and lyft accidents, bicycle accidents, and also specializes in wrongful death claims. These blog posts are intended to be a resource for anyone considering hiring an attorney after an accident.

When Do You Need A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

If you are making an insurance claim for an injury or are pursuing compensation from a wrongful party, it’s important to have a competent and experienced catastrophic injury lawyer. Experiencing a catastrophic injury fundamentally changes a person’s life and the life of their loved ones. Whether an injury has left an individual physically or mentally […]

The Best Biking Safety Guide

Biking Safety Guide While the growing interest in bike riding continues to increase, the concern surrounding biking safety comes to light. There will also always be irresponsible drivers who may cause injury to others on the road, especially cyclists.  However, that does not mean people should give up on this recreational hobby. Instead, learn from […]

Are My Rights Covered After an Uber Accident?

  Did you know that most Uber-related accidents occur in areas with low-speed restrictions? Many of these crashes also occur at night since people typically use the service after dark. But have you been a victim of an Uber accident?   If so, then you need to protect yourself in a very complex legal situation. Read […]

What To Do: The First 24 Hours After a Car Accident

  Are you the victim of a car accident and unsure of what to do next? The first 24 hours after an accident are often the most crucial, so it is important to learn this information now.   Plenty of people unknowingly make mistakes after an accident. Unfortunately, those mistakes often result in lower settlements […]

How A Rideshare Accident Attorney Can Help Your Lawsuit

  A study done by the University of Chicago found that ride-sharing services might be leading to an overall increase in traffic deaths. Although these services can help to keep impaired drivers off the road, they can also lead to more congestion as well as traffic injuries and death.   When you get into an Uber […]

When Do I Need A Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Woman Seriously Injured in Pedestrian Accident on Kenwood Drive at Kenora Drive [Spring Valley, CA]

  About 6,283 pedestrians died in traffic crashes in the span of a single year, a 3% increase from the previous year. Over the past 10 years, 20% of pedestrian deaths were caused by hit-and-run accidents. As a result, more and more people are becoming victims to negligent drivers.   If you are in a pedestrian accident, it’s […]