How To Pick A Personal Injury Lawyer

how to select an injury lawyer

Finding a personal injury lawyer here in Southern California should be easy, but many injury victims make the process very hard on themselves.

With websites like Yelp and Google, nowadays you can check out the history of a law firm very easily and see what their clients say about them.

I mean you can hire a lawyer that just graduated college and won a few small cases, or you can call Daniel Kim today and hire a lawyer who has won over $150 Million for his clients?

In the personal injury lawyer world, you have to look at what the lawyer has done in the past, and The Law Offices of Daniel Kim have an impressive track record.

Sometimes injury accident victims will not hire a lawyer because they don’t want to pay anybody to help them, but when you are dealing with big medical bills and insurance companies you’ll need help.

Don’t risk your financial future and medical bills, etc., thinking you can represent yourself to save some money.

You must remember that our law firm does this all day, every day, and we are here to help teenage drivers, older drivers, accidents while reversing out of a driveway, or even people injured on electric scooters.

Do Not fight the Insurance Companies alone.

Why Contact Law Offices of Daniel Kim

There are many reasons why you should contact Daniel Kim if you need an injury lawyer.

Daniel is a compassionate person who truly cares about his clients and will fight for you all the way.

From our online reputation to our case results and over $150 Million recovered for our clients, one thing we can say is Daniel Kim knows what he is doing.

Unlike many lawyers Daniel will actually speak to his clients on the telephone and he is truly dedicated to representing car accident victims all over California.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim are available 7 days a week, and by phone 24 hours a day.

Daniel Kim and his legal team are very experienced in motor vehicle accident cases and we have a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

This means that Daniel and his law firm actually care about our clients and their health, etc.

This is why we publish useful content about dangerous roads in Orange County and LA, to help drivers avoid getting into accidents.

We don’t just settle really quickly with the insurance companies just to get a payday.

We will fight the insurance companies all the way to make sure you get a Great settlement for your injuries.

We encourage you to check out our reputation and schedule a consultation if you want to ask more questions and get a better understanding of how a personal injury lawsuit is handled.

bike accident settlement

Check The Injury Lawyer Reputation On Yelp and Google

Thank god for the internet..

Now with Yelp and Google and Facebook you can easily research any company or in this case, a personal injury lawyer online in just minutes.

We have over 1,000 positive reviews online and we take great pride in it.

We work with all of our clients from start to finish and it could take over 12 months, but no matter what it takes we will fight for you.

As you research truck and Uber lawyers on the internet you will see that many law firms have some issues they need to deal with.

When you look at our reviews you’ll see we’ve helped people in distracted driving accidents, or passengers in car wrecks, Uber drivers in accident, motorcycle accidents, etc.

If you have questions about your accident claim call us today for help.

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Do You Want a Big or Small Law Firm

Everybody has different needs after being injured in a car accident, and depending on your preference you might want a large or small personal injury law firm to represent you.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim fits just nicely between large and small.

Our law firm has the manpower to handle any injury accident case, but we are small enough to really focus on All of our clients and make sure they get the attention they need.

Going with a smaller law firm can definitely have a negative outcome because many small law firms don’t have the experience or resources to handle all cases.

For example we have investigators we use to get us all the information we might need (info on other drivers insurance, investigate accident scene, etc.) and this becomes very important when you get into a bigger accident settlement that you need to pay for your injuries.

Contact Daniel Kim today for a FREE consultation and get answers to your questions.

how does an injury lawyer get paid

How Does An Injury Lawyer Get Paid

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim works on a contingency basis, meaning if we don’t win your case then we won’t get paid.

Feel free to call us today to discuss your case, and so you can get a better understanding of how our fee structure works.

One mistake many accident victims make is to try and save money they decide to take on the insurance companies alone and try to settle their own injury case.

The insurance companies love it when an injury victim decides to represent themselves, because the insurance company knows that the average accident victim has no idea what they are doing.

Don’t make this mistake, the legal process is very complicated when it comes to winning a settlement for injuries you suffered.

How Big Of a Settlement Are You After

If you were in a car accident where you suffered bad injuries and have medical bills etc., then you should probably hire a law firm with a great reputation .

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim have all the resources we need to investigate your accident case and make sure we get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

If you hire a small law firm and they only have 5 people then imagine how busy they already are, they can’t give you the attention you need.

If we have to we’ll get your case to trial to make sure you get compensation if the law provides.

If you just have a fender bender and nobody is injured then you can probably just find a lawyer in a strip mall and they will be able to help you.

Just remember if you are injured it can change your whole life financially, physically, and emotionally.

Don’t trust all of that to a law firm that can’t Protect you and Fight For You.

Call Daniel Kim Today.

how long can settlement take

How Long Does a Personal Injury Settlement Take

Each injury is different and each lawsuit is unique.

Many things affect how long an injury settlement might take, for instance how bad are your injuries, was your car totaled, was there passengers, did you have insurance?

Sometimes we settle a case in less than 6 months but normally cases can take 12 months, or even longer depending on the circumstances.

But when you hire The Law Offices of Daniel Kim we will stick with you all the way.

If need be we’ll get your accident case to trial to make sure you get fairly compensated for whatever injuries you suffered.

Take Your Time

Don’t just hire some lawyer you found on Yelp that says he will settle your case in 3 months,  because he’ll end up settling your case for $10,000 when maybe you could have gotten $50,000 with a good lawyer.

The legal process can take a long time period, don’t try to rush the system when you are fighting for money owed to you and your family.

We wrote an informative blog on how long it takes to settle an injury case, so check that out to get a better idea of what lies ahead.

If you have questions right now then simply call us for a FREE consultation.

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Finding a Personal Injury Law Firm With Experience

This is really the most important thing to consider when you need an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer.

Daniel Kim has helped thousands of clients recover maximum compensation from their car accident injury cases.

When you hire a new lawyer without experience they have no track record (other than school) and they don’t know what to do in certain situations.

Well if you have ambulance and medica bills and insurance issues, etc., then you don’t want to hire a rookie lawyer who is trying to learn as they go.

Hire The Best

When you hire The Law Offices of Daniel Kim you are hiring the entire law firm to help with your case.

We have intake reps, medical bill negotiators, investigators, lawyers, etc.

All of our staff is here to help all of our clients, and together we have years and years of experience fighting for our clients, and not letting the insurance companies bully you.

Each insurance company is different also so State Farm is not the same to deal with as Metromile.

Just check us out on Google and Yelp to see what all of our clients have said about us.

Don’t Choose Somebody Because They Are Your Friend

If you have a friend, or family member who is an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer it doesn’t mean you need to hire them.

If you are involved in a car or motorcycle accident, an Uber wreck,  hit on your bicycle, or whatever, you need the Best to help you.

When you research The Law Offices of Daniel Kim you’ll see what our clients say.

We care about our clients and it shows. 

Go look on Yelp and Google. 

5 Star Ratings everywhere.


Don’t Use a Lawyer Directory

A lawyer directory is like the Yellow Pages for the internet.

These directories can be hit or miss because many times if a lawyer will pay money then the directory will list any injury attorney.

Contact Daniel Kim Law Offices today for a FREE consultation.

Don’t Use a Referral Service

A referral service is even worse than a personal injury lawyer directory.

These referral services buy Google ads and collect your information, then they sell your information to maybe 4 lawyers.

Then all these lawyers start calling you all the time.

When  you contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim you aren’t calling a directory.

When you call us you are calling the lawyer who is going to fight for you and your family.