Crash on Roscoe Boulevard Leads to Vehicle Fire [Northridge, CA]

Crash on Roscoe Boulevard Leads to Vehicle Fire [Northridge, CA]
Crash on Roscoe Boulevard Leads to Vehicle Fire [Northridge, CA]

Northridge Two-Car Crash Downs Power Lines

NORTHRIDGE, CA (December 2, 2023) — On Saturday in Northridge, a crash on Roscoe Boulevard left a person injured.
The incident unfolded around 6:20 p.m. on Saturday, November 11, in the 18100 block of West Roscoe Boulevard. Fortunately, no individuals were trapped in the wreckage. Aside from injuries, officials said the incident also resulted in downed power lines, a sheared fire hydrant, and one vehicle ablaze.
Emergency responders swiftly assessed the condition of one patient, whose age and gender details were not immediately available. The cause and events that led to the crash remain under investigation.
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