Woman Injured After Car Collides into Home on Worth Street [Oakland, CA]

Woman Injured After Car Collides into Home on Worth Street [Oakland, CA]
Woman Injured After Car Collides into Home on Worth Street [Oakland, CA]

Speeding Car Plows into Home in Oakland

OAKLAND, CA (December 2, 2023) — Late Monday night in Oakland, a car collided with a home on Worth Street.
The crash occurred around 10:30 p.m. in the 400 block of Worth Street, situated in a neighborhood near 880 Freeway and Hegenberger Road. Witnesses recounted seeing a car speeding down 85th Avenue before the incident. The said vehicle then careened into a parked truck before colliding with a second car. The car ultimately plowed into a residence.
Amidst the chaos, nearby residents rallied to assist the female driver trapped in the wreckage. She was subsequently transported to a local hospital with injuries of unknown severity.
The aftermath of the crash revealed a scene of pandemonium, with neighbors recounting moments of fear and confusion. Some residents said they were hesitant to open their doors, fearing the sound of the crash might be indicative of a shooting.
Prioritize road safety at all times. While driving, avoid any distraction. Stay attentive, keep your eyes on the road, and exercise caution, especially during late hours when visibility might be reduced or fatigue can become a factor. If you experience tiredness or any form of impairment, it is essential to either pull over or allow a more capable person to take the wheel. Let’s foster respect and awareness to prevent road accidents.

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