13 Injured in Bus Accident on 10 Freeway at Malki Road [Cabazon, CA]

13 Injured in Bus Accident on 10 Freeway at Malki Road [Cabazon, CA]
13 Injured in Bus Accident on 10 Freeway at Malki Road [Cabazon, CA]

Tire Blew Out Causes Bus to Crash into SUV on 10 Freeway in Cabazon Injuring at Least 13 People

CABAZON, CA (June 7, 2022) – At least thirteen people were injured in a bus accident on 10 Freeway in Cabazon on Friday morning, June 3.
The accident happened just before 11:00 a.m. at Malki Road. According to the California Highway Patrol, a Greyhound bus was traveling at approximately 60 to 65 mph when it lost control after a tire blew out. It then crashed into a Mitsubishi Outlander SUV and then into the freeway center divider.
There were 33 passengers on board traveling from Los Angeles to Phoenix.
As a result, eleven bus passengers and two SUV passengers were injured. Paramedics transported them to a hospital for treatment. Most of the injuries were minor but one person received a major, non-life-threatening injury.
The cause of the crash is under investigation.
One of the most important ways to avoid accidents, including tire blowouts, is to practice safe driving. Always drive the speed limit and do not get too close to the car in front of you. Firmly grip the steering wheel and do not let go.

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