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Tustin is a beautiful place to live here in Southern California.

For many people who live in Orange County their bicycle is a big part of their lives, and many people even use their bike to commute to and from work.

Riding a bike in a busy city like Tustin can be dangerous and there is no way to completely avoid being in an accident.

Of course you can wear bright clothing, wear a helmet, follow the traffic laws and a 100 other good ideas, but in the end you can’t stop another car from making a bad decision.

If you have been injured in a bike accident with another car, UPS Truck, motorcycle, or even if you got hit when your neighbor was backing out of their driveway, we can potentially help.

Why Contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim

Tustin Bike Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim is a top bike accident lawyer that can help people living in Tustin and all of Orange County.

The main focus at our law firm is to make sure our clients heal from their injuries and get their quality of life back.

Being injured in a bicycle accident can alter you life physically and emotionally, not to mention financially.

You don’t want to just hire any bike accident lawyer if you’ve been injured, because the insurance companies are difficult to deal with when there is money on the line.

Daniel Kim and his legal staff have years of experience helping bike accident injury victims, and we’ll use our expertise to ensure that you get maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have an A+ rating at the BBB and we have a 99% client satisfaction rating.

Dealing With The Insurance Companies

Never count on the compensation offered by the insurance company.

Remember that an insurance company is in the business to make money.

Proceed very carefully when you communicate with an insurance adjuster or agent.

Insurance companies use tactics to devalue or deny claims and they have their way of determining fault.

If you fight them alone, your bike accident settlement could take years.

Below are some of the methods they will use:

  • Calling the victim soon after they sustain an injury – Some insurance companies will call you the same day of the collision. Be careful and you need to remember that this call was not made out of concern for you.
  • Asking for a recorded statement – Never give a recorded statement, because what you say could be used against you.
  • Asking for a signed medical authorization – This authorization will enable the insurance company to obtain records from your current doctors, as well as any medical provider in the past. Just say no.
  • Offering a fast settlement in return for a verbal or written release of a claim – If an insurance company can get you to agree to a settlement, they can settle your claim without paying out a large amount of money which is always their goal.
  • Claiming the insured is partly at fault for the collision, or basically denying liability – Insurance companies are known to also dispute the costs of medical bills and stall any settlement, in turn a ploy just hoping you will agree to a lower payout settlement. Hire a Tustin Bike Accident Lawyer.

Common Causes Of Bike Accidents In Tustin

In a recent federal study related to bike injuries in the US there were over 500,000 bike riders taken to the emergency rooms of America due to some kind of accident. This statistic reveals the danger that can come when riding a bicycle.

Over 90 percent of the bike riding fatalities that occur in the country are when a motor vehicle is involved in the accident.

Sometimes the bike riders are at fault, but often it is the vehicles on the city streets that are not paying attention or unaware of the bicyclist.

Whatever the reason for the accident or whose fault it is, it is best to have an understanding about safety when bikes and cars share the roads of Tustin.

Below is a list of common reasons for a bike accident in Tustin:

  • Not paying attention (distracted drivers talking, listening to music, on phone)
  • DUI (drivers intoxicated are always a danger)
  • Car door (this happens when a driver doesn’t look when getting out of parked car)
  • Bike defects (bad breaks, lights etc.)
  • Poor road conditions (potholes, cracks, etc.)
  • Debris on the road (this can make a rider swerve to avoid)
  • Water or Oil slick (slippery road conditions can cause accidents)
  • Blind spots (a bicyclist can be hard to see in certain vehicles)
One Hurt in Multi-Car Accident on 10 Freeway near Morongo Trail [Cabazon, CA]

How Bicycle Riders Can Be Safe and Avoid Accidents

Riding bicycles in the city of Tustin can be a great way to get around and have some fun in the sun, but there is no doubt that it can also be dangerous.

Cyclists should be careful when riding around cars and vehicles on the city streets and drivers of vehicles should be aware of the bicyclists. This is not always the case.

There are steps that bicycle riders in Tustin can take to avoid danger and serious injuries from an accident.

The bike should fit the rider – This is always an important step in safety, that the bike should be a proper fit for the size and weight of the bicycle rider.

Do not ride listening to music – Never listen to music players while riding. As a rider you need to hear the sounds of the traffic and surroundings. It is important to be highly focused on the road as should the motorists driving to ensure safety for all.

Always wear a helmet  Just simply taking the time to put on a helmet can save your life or at least help avoid serious injuries. Concussions, contusions and open head wounds are common injuries when you don’t wear a helmet.

Wear bright clothing  It is helpful to make yourself noticeable to other drivers especially during the night, riders should wear bright clothing.

Use reflectors and lights – It is especially important at night for bicyclists to have reflectors on the bikes as well as lights in the front and back for vehicles to see. It is the law to have these safety items.

Wear protective gear if possible – It is also a good idea to wear gloves, any type of shoulder pads or protective back gear, and eye protection to make sure you have clear vision in any weather.

Always ride with the traffic – Never ride in opposition to traffic. Stay on the same side as the automobiles are moving, flowing with the traffic at all times.

Be careful crossing pedestrian lanes – When a cyclist is crossing a pedestrian lane it is best for riders to get off their bikes. Drivers are usually held responsible for injuries of a bike rider that is off their bike and crossing the street.

Keep a safe distance from motor vehicles – Of course it’s common sense for bicycle riders to keep a safe distance from cars sharing the road. Just being aware of the automobiles around you can help avoid an accident.

Change lanes properly – As a bicyclist it is important to make sure that proper hand signals are used when turning, changing lanes or stopping.

Be a courteous bicyclist – This is just simple things like don’t run red lights, don’t run stop signs, and don’t cut off cars intentionally or ride aggressively.

Tustin Bicycle Accident Stats

The best thing about living in a community like Tustin – or anywhere else in Orange County, for that matter – has to be the fantastic weather and climate all year round. Hire a Tustin Bike Accident Lawyer.

There’s a reason why people flock to Southern California left and right, why so many people love to call this area home, and why some people call it the second happiest place on earth (behind Disneyland alone).

Plenty of people ride their bicycles on a day-to-day basis in Tustin as well because of this fantastic weather.

Believe it or not, Tustin also remains a pretty safe place to do exactly that – with less than 59 accidents reported in 2017.

How Many Injuries And Deaths From Bike Accidents In Tustin

Zero fatalities were reported as a direct result of bicycle accidents in 2017, but injuries were pretty much in line with what you would expect and anticipate whenever you’re talking about cyclists being struck by motor vehicles.

Almost 80% of all bicycle accidents in Tustin during 2017 had at least one injury reported. That’s right around the overall California State average (and the national average for these kinds of accidents, too).

% Of These Bike Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

California continues to put things in place to curb the amount of people driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but we just haven’t seen the returns on this investment just yet. Hire a Tustin Bike Accident Lawyer.

11% of all automobile related fatalities in the state of California are linked to motorists driving their cars while under the influence of some sort of drug.

DUI arrests and charges are up 30% over the last five years as well.

Dangerous Intersections In Tustin For Bicycle Accidents

Every intersection in Tustin has the potential to become a dangerous intersection when you are on a bicycle, but the most dangerous intersections are far and away the intersections of –

  • 1. Skyline Drive and Red Hill Avenue
  • 2. S. Crawford Canyon Rd. and Newport Avenue
  • 3.Prospect Street and E. Chapman Ave.
  • 4. E. Walnut Ave. and N. Cambridge St

What % Of Bike Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is obviously a huge problem with motorists, but it’s turning out to be a huge problem with those on bicycles as well.

80% of every single automobile accident – including bicycle accidents – in the state of California have been linked to some form of driver inattention.

On top of that, more than 75% of those riding bicycles and driving vehicles self-report using a cell phone while operating their vehicle even though they know it’s against the law and dangerous. Hire a Tustin Bike Accident Lawyer.

Other Practice Areas We Handle

Our lawyers have years of experience helping clients with their personal injury cases. Our attorneys are different since they exclusively deal with traffic accident cases. Here are other practice areas that we handle:

Car Accidents – This can involve any type of crash from an Uber wreck, to maybe a teenage driver hit you, or maybe an old lady ran a red light and rear-ended your car. Call us if you have been in any type of car accident and you were injured, we are here to help.

Motorcycle Accidents – As we all know riding a motorcycle is very dangerous, and almost all motorcycle accidents lead to severe injuries.

Uber Accidents – Uber has become so popular that sometimes it seems like every other car on the roads here in Tustin is an Uber or Lyft driver.  Uber has a unique commercial insurance policy (with James River) so if you were injured as an Uber passenger, and Uber driver, or if you were hit by an Uber driver call us.

Pedestrian Accidents – These are always bad accidents because a pedestrian has no chance against a 2000 lb car that runs them over.

Truck Accidents – there are actually quite a few semi-truck accidents in Tustin, but our law firm knows what needs to be done to protect your legal rights.

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