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Tustin is a small, but growing city here in Orange County. Like most cities in the OC, Tustin has its fair share of truck, motorycle, and car accidents. In your lifetime you can expect to be in a few car accidents (just the way the odds stack up) so it is best to be prepared and know what to do. If you have been injured in a car accident here in Tustin then contact Tustin Car Accident Attorney Daniel Kim today for a FREE consultation.

The biggest mistake you can make after a car accident is to postpone getting medical help or contacting a personal injury lawyer.

Tustin Car Accident Lawyer – Daniel Kim

Why Contact Tustin Car Accident Attorney Daniel Kim

If you have ever been injured in a car accident then you already know what it is like to deal with an insurance company after you file an injury claim.

It’s literally a battle!

The insurance companies are in business to collect monthly fees from their customers, but when it comes to paying out money for settlements the insurance companies would rather run and hide.

Tustin Car Accident Attorney Daniel Kim and his legal team have years of experience helping car accident victims here in Tustin and have recovered hundreds of Millions of dollars for the injured parties.

At the office of Tustin Car Accident Attorney Daniel Kim, we only focus on traffic accidents. Our attorneys are up to date on all the laws and tactics that insurance companies love to play.

When you hire one of our Tustin car accident attorneys, you won’t pay a dime unless we win your case. This is how confident we are in every case we handle.

More Facts About Tustin Car Accident Attorney Daniel Kim

  • Over 1000 reviews on Yelp and Google
  • A+ rating at the BBB
  • 99% client satisfaction rating
  • We help you get proper medical treatment
  • You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Dealing With The Insurance Companies

The insurance companies are big corporations and they have their best interests in mind.

After an accident you’ll end up speaking to an insurance adjuster, but remember if you contact Tustin Car Accident Attorney Daniel Kim ahead of time you’ll be helping yourself out.

The amount of questions and details that the adjuster asks can be overwhelming as they hope to piece together the real story about the accident, but remember what you say can hurt you later on.

Below are some typical questions you might be asked –

  • Are you currently using the vehicle for any type of business or government use?
  • What was the date of the accident?
  • What time did the accident occur?
  • Where did the injuries occur?
  • In what direction were you going?
  • How did the injury occur?
  • Are there additional cars involved?
  • Was the traffic heavy?
  • Were you wearing your seat belt?
  • What did you see, hear, and watch?
  • What types of damages were done to the car?
  • Was anybody Hurt?
  • Was anybody seen by a paramedic or taken to a hospital?
  • Did the police come to the scene?
  • If so what agency
  • Is there a police report
  • Are you still working today
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Common Causes For Car Accidents In Tustin

Unfortunately, car accidents are a common part of everyday life in Tustin and most of these misfortunes are the direct result of human error.

Some car accidents like fender benders are relatively minor while other can be fatal or have serious injuries related to them.

Accidents can happen when a UPS truck runs a stop sign, or your neighbor backs out of their driveway to fast, or even a tourist on an electric scooter runs into you.

You just never know, that is why they are called accidents.

Obeying the laws of the road and driving cautiously and careful is obviously important to the safety of all those on the city streets and freeways of Tustin.

Being involved in a car accident can really cause stress and disrupt a person’s life, but our law firm is here to help you and your family.

Our clients who were injured in a car crash just want answers and advice.

Here are some common reasons for car crashes in Tustin –

  • Drunk driving (This is common and dangerous. If you have had anything to drink it is best not to get behind the wheel of a car.)
  • Reckless driving (This includes speeding, aggressive driving and changing lanes too quickly can lead to unnecessary accidents.)
  • Rain (In Tustin rain can be a factor while driving and when roads get slippery accidents are more likely to occur.)
  • Tailgating (Always keep a safe distance from the cars in front of you, driving to close can lead to rear end accidents.)
  • Wrong way turns (This happens a lot in downtown areas that have one-way streets. Drivers must be fully aware of these road irregularities and read signs properly.)
  • Teenage drivers (Young drivers can be susceptible to car accidents and pose a threat to others due to their lack of experience.)
  • Car malfunctions (Faulty brakes or tires can often lead to an accident. Lights and turning signals that are out are also extremely dangerous especially at night.)
  • Cell Phone (This is the major cause of distracted driving accidents today. Keep your eyes and focus on the road at all times, please.)
  • Running red lights (Running a red light is obviously against the law and very dangerous. Being in a rush to get to work etc. is one excuse but no matter what the reason is it is not worth taking the chance.)
Anthony Apodaca Arrested in DUI Accident on 5 Freeway [Stockton, CA]

Common Injuries From a Car Accident

Injuries from car accidents can be minor to catastrophic.

These injuries can be wide-ranging and almost any type is possible.

There can be both penetrating injuries and impact injuries.

A penetrating injury is the result of an object going into the body.

This can have massive blood loss and puncture wounds which can be very serious.

The impact injuries can be from the body or head area hitting some part of the car like the windshield, seat, door, steering wheel etc.

Whatever the injury, immediate medical attention is needed.

Medical costs and treatment can add up quickly and it is important to seek a car accident attorney that specializes in these types of situations.

Ultimately the severity of your injuries (along with other factors) will play a major role in your settlement so call Tustin Car Accident Attorney Daniel Kim today for a FREE phone consultation.

Injuries we see every day from motor vehicle accidents in Tustin:

Factors that contribute to the severity of injuries in a car crash:

  • Were seatbelts being used by the driver or passengers?
  • Where was the impact of the accident?
  • How fast were the vehicles traveling?
  • Did the cars have working airbags?
  • What was the size and weight of vehicles involved?

Tustin Car Accident Stats

Though Tustin isn’t the most heavily populated city in all of Orange County, it is still part of the Los Angeles metropolitan community – and that means that it’s a very urban community with lots of traffic, lots of automobiles, and lots of potential for automobile accidents.

Incredibly, however, Tustin remains one of the safest towns in Orange County as far as overall automobile accident rates are concerned.

This community has just under 0.5 accidents per 1000 people living in the town.

How Many Injuries And Deaths From Car Accidents In Tustin 2017?

At last count, Tustin had just over 130 car accidents reported during 2017 – with the overwhelming majority of those accidents involving people that were lucky enough to walk away without serious injury and without any fatalities.

At the same time, four fatal accidents were reported during 2017, with seven vehicles carrying 12 people involved in these incidents.

What % Of These Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol?

Like most other communities throughout the state of California, driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol remains a challenge for the community of Tustin.

11% of all fatal accidents reported are directly linked to vehicle drivers that were under the influence of drugs, and DUI arrest and charge rates have been skyrocketing by 30% over the last five years in the state of California alone.

What Is Population In Tustin, How Many Registered Drivers Over 18 Years Old?

At last count, the town of Tustin reported their population as being just over 82,344 individuals (as of the 2016 census).

The community continues to grow and grow year after year, and recent estimates believe that just over 70% of the town’s population is at least 18 years of age or older – with the majority of them having a registered driver’s license.

Bad Intersections In Tustin For Car Accidents?

There are a couple of intersections in Tustin that you’ll want to be very careful around as a motorist, including the intersections of Bryan Avenue and Browning Avenue, the intersection of Mitchell Avenue and Red Hill Avenue, and the intersection of 17th St. and Holt Avenue.

Obviously, there are other intersections throughout the town that you’ll want to be careful around as well but these ones are certainly the most dangerous when it comes to overall traffic accident and incident reports within the last five years.

Other Practice Areas We Handle

Tustin Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim deals any type of personal injury cases that involved – Truck, Uber, Pedestrian, Car and Bike.

Motorcycle Accidents – As we all know riding a motorcycle is very dangerous, and almost all motorcycle accidents lead to severe injuries.

Truck Accidents – there are actually quite a few semi-truck accidents in Tustin, but our law firm knows what needs to be done to protect your legal rights.

Uber Accidents – Uber has become so popular that sometimes it seems like every other car on the roads here in Tustin is an Uber or Lyft driver.  Uber has a unique commercial insurance policy (with James River) so if you were injured as an Uber passenger, and Uber driver, or if you were hit by an Uber driver call us.

Pedestrian Accidents – These are always bad accidents because a pedestrian has no chance against a 2000 lb car that runs them over.

Bike Accidents – Bike accidents always lead to a serious injury, even if you are wearing a helmet. Broken bones and road rash are almost a guaranteed result if you have been hit while riding a bike in Tustin.


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