Driver Injured in Two-Car Crash on Highway 1 [Pacifica, CA]

Driver Injured in Two-Car Crash on Highway 1 [Pacifica, CA]
Driver Injured in Two-Car Crash on Highway 1 [Pacifica, CA]

One Hospitalized after SUV Accident on Highway 1 near Crespi Drive

PACIFICA, CA (August 10, 2021) — A driver of an SUV suffered injuries in a two-car crash on Highway 1 near Crespi Drive on Monday, August 9.
Capt. Chris Clements of the Pacifica Police Department said that they received a report of the incident at 7:11 a.m. Monday. An SUV and another vehicle were involved in the incident. The SUV flipped over due to the impact of the crash.
Paramedics rushed the person driving the SUV with non-critical injuries to the hospital. The other driver did not report any injuries.
Officials closed two lanes of Highway 1 due to the crash for around two hours.
Road accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. This is why you must pay attention to your surroundings while you are driving. Avoid distractions and follow traffic rules to keep yourself and others safe.

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