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irvine bike accident lawyers

Living in Irvine with the beautiful weather is definitely a good reason to enjoy riding a bike instead of driving a car.

Riding a bike in Orange County does come with risk, and that risk is being injured in a bicycle accident.

Obviously bike riders need to follow all the laws, but in addition bicyclists really need to pay extra attention to motorists because anytime a car hits a bicyclist, the bicyclist will lose every time.

Even just being hit by a car going 10 MPH can cause serious injuries to the bike rider, and if you are not wearing a helmet then the smallest accident can being fatal.

If you ride a bicycle often in Irvine (mountain bike, beach cruiser, etc.) then we encourage you to read this article below and learn about the statistics and legal rights that injured bicyclists have here in California.

Fighting with the insurance companies and dealing with medical bills can turn your life upside down very quickly.

Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

If you are injured in a bicycle accident here in Irvine you will want to hire an experienced bike accident lawyer like Daniel Kim.

Daniel and his legal team have years of experience dealing with bicycle accidents and the horrific injuries that take place.

The insurance companies are not on your side and they do not like paying out any money in claims, please remember this.

And there are time limits, statute of limitations in California (normally 2 years) that you have to file an injury case, so delaying the process is only going to hurt your case.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident in Irvine call us because –

  • We are aggressive and won’t let the insurance companies push us around
  • We know all the bicycle laws
  • We use top investigators to help with your case
  • We will maximize your case to get you a maximum settlement
  • We have well over 1000 reviews with 5 Star ratings on Google & Yelp
  • We help guide you with medical treatment and recovery
  • If we have to we will file suit and take the case to trial
bike accident settlement

How Much Is My Bike Accident Settlement Worth

Nobody riding a bicycle ever wants to get injured, but if you do sustain injuries from a bike accident then you want to make sure you get compensated fairly.

The actual value of your injury claim (with the insurance company) will be based heavily upon what actual injuries you suffered in the car accident.

There is no fast formula to determine what your settlement will be worth, but of course if you suffered a broken leg and arm then you would get more compensation then if you just broke a finger.

This is why it’s so important to contact an experienced bike accident lawyer in Irvine because the legal process is very complicated.

You might have been hit by an uninsured driver and that is not a fun situation to deal with.

There are some major factors that determine the value of your case

  • costs of medical treatment
  • did you miss work due to your injuries
  • how much physical or emotional suffering
  • how bad are your injuries
after a bike accident

What To Do After Bike Accident in Irvine

When an accident happens our body and mind usually goes into shock while we try to get focused on the immediate dangers around us.

The most important thing to do right after a bicycle accident is to get out of harms way, meaning get out of the way of traffic – get to the side of the road.

We put together a short list of the basic steps to take after being hit on a bicycle –

  • Get away from cars and traffic
  • Call the police (you will want a police report to help your case)
  • Exchange info with witnesses
  • Get drivers license and insurance info
  • Take photos of the scene and injuries, etc.
  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Contact Daniel Kim Law Offices
bike accident causes

Common Causes Of Bike Accidents In Irvine

Bicycle accidents in our cities have become increasingly problematic.

Nowadays people driving on our roads are so distracted and often in a hurry.

They don’t pay attention to other cars or bicycle riders who are sharing the road.

Anytime a car hits a bike rider it’s a bad situation no matter whose fault it is even if an accident happens just backing out of a driveway.

Bicycle accidents can have a wide range of damage and injury.

The bicyclist is usually the most injured in these instances.

Below is a list of common reasons for a bike accident in Irvine:

  • Distracted drivers (talking on phone, texting, emailing)
  • DUI, DWI intoxicated drivers (drugs and alcohol)
  • Drivers who violate bicyclists’ right of way
  • Drivers who open their car door without looking
  • Bicyclists wearing earplugs listening to music while driving
  • Speeding cars driving carelessly
  • Drivers who don’t know the rules of the road
  • Poorly marked or designed bike paths and bike lanes
  • Defective bicycle parts
  • Roadway defects like potholes, broken traffic signals or streetlights
  • Bicyclists not having proper lights during night riding
  • Bicyclists not using hand signals when turning
injuries from bike crash in irvine

Common Injuries From Bike Accidents

There is no easy way around it, if you are hit while riding a bicycle there is a good chance that you will suffer pretty serious injuries.

Wearing a helmet and protective clothing will definitely help minimize the injuries, but when a car hits a bicyclist it’s never a good day.

If you are injured on a bike in Irvine we encourage you to call us today so we can help you focus on your health and a quick recovery.

These are very common injuries from bike accidents –

bike riders staying safe

How Bicycle Riders Can Be Safe and Avoid Accidents in Irvine

Riding a bike is great way to stay healthy and can also be a lot of fun.

The fact is, that in Irvine bicyclists are often sharing the roads with automobiles thus increasing the risk for accidents no matter how careful a person is, especially for kids.

But there are steps that bicycle riders in Irvine can take to avoid an accident and serious injuries.

Check Your Equipment – Before riding, inflate all tires to correct pressure and properly check your brakes.

Wearing a helmet – Protect your brain. A helmet is the bicyclists first line of defense and a crucial part of protection. By just simply taking the time to put on a helmet can save your life or at least help avoid serious injuries.

Keep a safe distance from motor vehicles – It’s common sense for bicycle riders to keep a safe distance from cars sharing the road.

Using front and rear lights on your bicycle – It is actually against the law to ride around without lights and reflectors on your bike, but more importantly it’s very unsafe.

Control your bicycle – Always keep at least one hand on the handlebars. When carrying items while riding use a backpack or bicycle carrier.

Be respectful while riding a bike – This is just simple things like don’t run red lights, don’t run stop signs, and don’t cut off cars intentionally

Wear protective clothing if possible  wear gloves, good shoulder pads and protective back gear, and eye protection to make sure you have clear vision in any weather.

Ride in same direction as traffic – Don’t ride head on into traffic. Be sure to travel in the same direction the cars as moving.

Equip your bike with mirrors – mirrors help a lot with making safe lane changes.

Use hand signals – when you are making turns or changing direction you always want to use hand signals.

injuries from bike accident

Recovering From a Bike Accident

There is no secret formula to recover from a bike accident.

The obvious steps are to seek medical treatment and follow whatever orders you get from doctors.

In addition you want to hire a quality law firm so you can take away the mental stress of fighting with insurance companies.

These are some basic tips to help your mind and body fully recover.

  • Get a lot of sleep
  • Eat well and nourish the body
  • Physical therapy is crucial
  • Get a massage and relax as much as possible
  • Slowly build your strength with advice from doctors
irvine bike lawyers

Bike Accidents Statistics In Irvine In 2017?

Believe it or not, cyclists living in Irvine (as well as throughout the rest of Orange County) actually have a 10% higher chance of being involved in an automotive accident when compared directly to motorcycles.

And while Newport Beach is far and away the most dangerous city for cyclists, Irvine is right up there with just over 2.7 bike accidents per 1000 people living in the city reported in 2017.

How Many Deaths From Bike Accidents In Irvine In 2017?

While bike accidents that occur in Irvine almost always involve injury, thankfully none in 2017 were linked to directly to a fatality.

This is great news, considering the fact that we are talking about an automobile striking a bicycle – a situation that is always filled with risk and danger.

How Many Injuries From Bike Accidents In Irvine In 2017?

Injuries are another story however.

Nearly every single accident involving a bicycle and a car is going to involve some sort of injury, and in Irvine this rate was just about 90%.

Nine times out of ten you were going to have someone injured as a result of an automobile striking someone on a bicycle.

Drivers Tested Positive For Drugs Or Alcohol In These Accidents?

The amount of people found to have tested positive for drugs or alcohol in their system during these kinds of accidents is right in line with the statewide average.

32% of drivers involved in bicycle automobile accidents have been found to have been using drugs, and the amount of people consuming alcohol and getting involved in these accidents is up 36.8% over the last eight years stretch of time.

Bike Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver?

Distracted driving is almost always a factor when it comes to bicycle related automobile accidents, with 80% of every accident in the state of California found to be linked to some sort of driver distraction or inattention.

A lot of the time people use their cell phones while driving even though they know that they shouldn’t be (and that it is against the law), and 40% of California drivers report that they are regularly distracted by their mobile devices while they are behind the wheel.

Dangerous Intersections In Orange County For Accidents?

Orange County has some pretty dangerous roads for cyclists when it comes to automobile accidents, but these are very dangerous intersections:

  • Harbor Blvd & La Palma Ave
  • Yorktown Ave & Magnolia St
  • and Harbor Blvd & Lincoln Ave.

These are easily some of the most dangerous intersections in all of Orange County, with more than 140 accidents between them reported during 2017.


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