Truck Accident Lawyer Orange County

Truck Accident Lawyer Orange County

Large trucks, big rigs, 18 wheelers, semi-trucks, and other giant vehicles’ accidents are usually extremely dangerous. Also, these highly damaging accidents can lead to some major losses, severe injuries, and deaths too. Have you and any of your family members or friends have been involved in any of giant vehicle accident and have gone through a serious injury or any major financial loss? If yes, then this is the right time to contact a truck accident lawyer from The Law Offices Of Daniel Kim by calling at 800-719-9779.

If you or any of your loved ones have ever faced an injury or financial loss or even you have lost your loved one then truck accident attorney Orange County is always there to help you. You just have to make a call to this number to speak to them for free. There you will get a chance to talk to a highly skilled and professional truck accident lawyer. The lawyer will help you to bring the best solutions to you so that you can get the maximum compensation for the case of your truck accident in the best possible way.

Factors known as big rig truck driver negligence

In Orange County since the year 1978, The Law Offices Of Daniel Kim has been working successfully to resolve claims against drivers of big rig trucks. Various companies are hiring them to resolve their problems in this regard. However, the big rig truck drivers and companies which are associated with them are bound to operate their vehicles in a safe, secure, and conscientious manner. However, if they are failing to do so then these companies can be catastrophic.

Truck Accident Lawyer Orange County

However, do you want to know the factors which can be considered as truck driver negligence? Then you must know unsafe driving, too heavy loads, unsafe tires, sleep deprivation, use of drug and alcohol, substandard tools, and other similar negligent practices that can put someone’s life into danger are included in truck driver and company’s negligence.

However, such kind of issues will be discussed by the truck accident attorney. They will consider discussing the problems related to truck driver negligence with truck drivers while the problems related to damaged auto parts with the trucking company.

Some truth about truck accident statistics

In the previous year, the trucking industry has made more than $700 billion in revenue. While the average cost which can be caused by a truck crash can be $65,000 to hundreds of thousands in serious damage. Even more, large truck accidents are not only deadly but these can be extensively costly too. As per the 2000 census, trucking accidents have accounted for 98,000 traffic hours nationwide. Especially truck accidents in Orange County, California have led to various deaths and serious personal injuries too. Even more, round about 5,000 fatalities have been occurred due to truck accidents.

In fact, the large size differences among cars and trucks often bring disaster for motorcyclists. Due to a larger size and heavyweight occupants of the passenger vehicle are at 50 times higher risk to be dead than the truck drivers.

Some common causes behind truck accidents

Here are some of the common causes which can be behind any truck accident:

  • – Longer service hours
  • – Distracted or intoxicated Drivers
  • – Longer Combination Vehicles
  • – Substandard Inspections
  • – Bad judgment by a driver
  • – Hazardous Materials

However, handling every cause is a bit different than others and we can manage each in a better way for you.

The trucking industry is more towards saving money than lives

At the present time, various trucking companies are preferring to save more profit than offering better safety. For this, they are hiring drivers who aren’t enough qualified or making their drivers work for longer continuous hours which is completely unsafe. Because according to research studies, sleeping deprived driving is more dangerous than driving while alcoholics.

Not only this but at times companies also don’t pay much attention to service their trucks. Resultantly, not replacing the faulty or older equipment can also become a major cause of a truck accident. Even more, if a company is not providing their trucks required accessories like debris nets, mud flaps, and other devices which are essential to ensure safety which can be justified many times.

Why us?

Here are the reasons which are making us the best option to consider for you.

We understand facts more clearly: As truck accident lawyers we have recovered more than $500 Million for around 1200 clients. Most of these cases were of big rigs, large trucks, commercial freight liners, and semi-trucks. So, we have served plenty of people therefore, we understand the facts and things which are more important in such cases.

Truck Accident Attorney Orange County

Our experience: The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is serving people in this industry for more than 40 years. His years of experience, excellence, and dedication have led him to develop a 96% success rate in this industry. With learning from our journey of years, we know what to search and investigate while analyzing ay trucking accident in California. Even more, we have a better understanding of the distinctive issues in which federal regulation and commercial insurance companies can arise. Although these questions are exclusive to big rig trucking accidents still we understand well how to cover these in the best possible way.

Passionate legal representatives: Truck accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim are highly passionate and experienced who are representing auto accident victims for more than 39 years. They have a long successful history which is proving them as one of the best legal representatives of Orange County.

Have a glimpse of our work in the past

  • – We have worked to manage a confidential settlement freight-liner cement truck driver who caught an auto accident due to brakes failure. Due to this, the truck became out of control which made driver permanent disable, unfortunately. So, we worked to help the victim in getting significant compensation.
  • – We also helped a driver who experienced a U-Haul which resulted in the death of a child and injury of a child who was without a seatbelt. We represent a case for the victims and helped them getting a confidential settlement.
  • – We also helped a woman in getting $200,000. Because her car was crashed with a truck that was parked illegally.
  • – We got a compensation of $3,476,250 for the case of a defective truck.

Well, the list of our successful cases is quite long. But if you are the one who needs any legal advice or wants to get a settlement or compensation for a truck accident then you are always welcome here. Just call us at 800-719-9779 and let our truck accident lawyer work for your case.


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