Costa Mesa Bike Accident Lawyer

Costa Mesa Bike Accident Lawyer


Costa Mesa does offer beautiful weather and plenty of places for bicyclists to ride around, but there is always a danger when riding a bike.

The summers in Costa Mesa gets very very crowded, and bring an influx of bike riders.

If you are vacationing in Costa Mesa or live in the area, be careful when riding a bike in and around Costa Mesa and OC.

We have put together this information below to help our clients better understand what is involved with a bicycle accident.

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We understand how difficult it can be after an accident if you were injured and say hit by an uninsured driver, or a Postmates driver.

Once you start dealing with the medical bills, insurance companies, adjusters, and police reports, the whole situation becomes difficult.

Daniel will negotiate and settle with the insurance companies (each insurance company is different so Metromile is not the same as AAA, etc.) to make sure you get maximum compensation.

Information Our Bike Lawyers  Will Need From You

Call us for help today and we can explain the process to you.

After we have answered all your questions then we will need to know –

    • date of the bike accident and exact location, time of day, etc.
    • contact information for any witnesses
    • any information related to the police report
    • evidence to prove you have missed work and lost wages
    • all information that relates to the personal injuries you suffered – and medical treatments you had
    • insurance documents that might cover your losses, like health insurance

Details About Bike Injuries and Damages

Pain and suffering – you will have the right to collect money for your physical pain and suffering, and for any future pain due to your injuries.

Medical expenses – You will be compensated for the medical bills you incurred due to your accident and injuries.

Wrongful death – damages for wrongful death claims would be available to a child, spouse, parent, etc.

Loss of earning – you are also entitled to receive monetary compensation for any loss of earnings when you missed work

Loss of future earnings – If your injuries hinder you from future earning potential then you can also seek damages for that.

Deformity – this can look at scars and marks caused by the injury.

Personal property – this takes into consideration stuff like your car that was damaged in the accident, and anything like rental car you need while you are without a car.


Get Medical Treatment

If you are injured in Costa Mesa in a bike accident, motorcycle, Uber, etc., your first step should be to seek medical help.

Make sure you don’t have any internal injuries or head trauma etc.

Many times a cyclist thinks they are fine after being hit by a car and later they found out there was injuries looming.

And remember that if you don’t get medical care for weeks or whatever, then the insurance adjuster and the jury can assume later that you weren’t really injured due to lack of treatment.

Costa Mesa Bicycle Accident Statistics

Costa Mesa (and the rest of Southern California, for that matter) is obviously home to beautiful weather that makes it attractive for cyclists on a daily basis – but the roads of Costa Mesa are more than a little bit dangerous for those that plan on cycling often.

According to information published by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, almost 100 people in Costa Mesa were involved in bicycle accidents during 2017.

Deaths From Bike Accidents In Costa Mesa

According to this same Foundation for Traffic Safety report, in 2017 16 people were killed after being involved in bicycle accidents in OC.

Early reports are that fewer people will have died in Costa Mesa due to bicycle accidents in 2018, but the trend has been moving upwards over the last five years.

Injuries From Bicycle Accidents In Costa Mesa

Almost every single bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle in Costa Mesa results in an injury of some kind, which isn’t all that surprising considering the significant difference in weight, force, and violence when a cyclist is hit by a moving motor vehicle.

Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol?

11% of all fatal accidents on California roads have been linked to drivers that have tested positive for some type of drug in their system at the time of the vehicle accident.

Vehicle accidents caused by drivers that have been drinking – including those involving cyclists – are up nearly 30% since 2015.

Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver?

According to the State of California research, fully 80% of all motor vehicle accidents in the state involved drivers that were distracted or not paying attention at the time of the accident.

On top of that, 74.8% of California motorists have stated that they use their cell phone while they are driving even though they know that it is completely against the law.

How Many People Own A Bicycle In California?

Millions of people in California on bicycles, with 11% of the state’s population considering their bicycle as their primary mode of transportation – and many saying that it is their preferred way to get to work on a day to day basis.

With this many cyclists on California roads it’s easy to see why there are so many traffic accidents involving bicycles.


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