Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Why Treatment Is Necessary

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

84,000 motorcyclists were injured in accidents in 2019, and more than 5,000 died. It takes just one motorcycle accident to derail your life and deplete your savings. You must take motorcycle safety seriously before you get injured in an accident. You can take the first step by understanding different motorcycle accident injuries. 

Consider the most common types of injuries, their symptoms and signs, and the type of treatment that will be needed to treat sustained injuries.

Answer these questions and you can get the compensation you need after a motorcycle accident. Here is your quick guide.


Road Rash

Road rash occurs when the skin gets dragged on the roadway. Many motorcyclists lose their balance and then slide forward, resulting in road rash. It can occur on any part of the body, though many cyclists get it on their legs and back. 

Road rash is not fatal, but it’s extremely painful. The skin contains nerves and blood vessels that can tear or break if the skin gets dragged a long distance. Dirt and pieces of metal on the road can break the skin, causing bleeding and muscle damage. 

Most cases of road rash heal on their own, though you may need to rest for a few days. You must keep the damaged skin dry so it does not get infected. Left untreated, infections can cause tissue death and lead to scarring.

If a piece of metal gets under your skin, you may need to go to the hospital to get it removed. You may need to get a skin graft if a large part of your skin is damaged or torn off your body.



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Cyclists can sustain fractures if they collide with a vehicle or strike the ground at a certain angle. Many cyclists hold their arms out before they hit the ground, causing a fracture in their arm, hand, or wrist. 

Fractures are medical emergencies. Without treatment, you may lose the use of your broken arm or leg. You need help from a doctor to set your broken bones and prevent internal bleeding. You may need surgery to correct your bones and fix problems like torn muscles and tendons.  Surgery for a broken bone can cost up to $10,230.

After you come home from the hospital, you need to rest. You may need to stay out of work for six weeks and undergo physical therapy to restore your mobility.



A concussion occurs when brain cells tear or become deformed due to a sudden movement of the head. The brain may collide into the side of the skull or spin around, causing damage. 

A concussion can induce unconsciousness and memory loss almost immediately. But the signs of one may not become apparent until some time after a motorcycle accident. This can delay your diagnosis and make the complications of your concussion worse. 

You may sustain many different symptoms. You may develop amnesia, confusion, and light sensitivity. Some people develop the post-concussion syndrome, struggling with their cognition and memory for months after the accident. 

Treatment for a concussion involves a long period of rest. You may need physical or occupational therapy, especially if you struggle with memory loss.

A recent study estimated that the average direct health cost of a concussion is $800.10. This study does not take into account lost wages, physical therapy, and post-concussion syndrome, each of which can cost thousands of dollars.


Internal Injuries

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Different types of motorcycle accidents can result in different types of internal injuries. Any collision can tear muscles and damage joints and tendons, making it hard to do a simple activity like walking. 

If you collide with your handlebars or fall onto your chest, you can damage the organs in your chest. Your rib may break, puncturing your lung or lacerating your spleen. You may break a blood vessel in an organ, causing internal bleeding.

A lacerated spleen or organ requires surgery and hospitalization to control the bleeding and avoid infection. You may need to be attached to a ventilator if your lung is punctured or collapses.

Besides a concussion, you can sustain a hemorrhage in your brain if you hit your head. This can damage brain tissues and result in a permanent disability and death. 

A piece of debris can break through the skin and puncture an organ or blood vessel. If debris enters the brain, symptoms similar to a concussion or hemorrhage can result.

Treatment is necessary for any internal injury to avoid long-lasting complications. You may need surgery to repair damaged organs and remove debris.


Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal injuries include broken vertebrae, torn spinal ligaments, and damage to the spinal cord itself. You can heal and recover from broken vertebrae, but you may sustain a permanent disability if the cord itself gets damaged. You may be unable to walk or feel sensations below the damaged area. 

Spinal cord injuries are medical emergencies that require significant medical treatment. You may need surgery, medications, and physical therapy to mitigate your pain and restore your mobility. 

Acute care for an injury can cost more than $600,000. In the year after an injury, you may need to pay more than $1.1 million for your treatment. 


The Most Common and Significant Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Motorcycle accident injuries can be significant impediments. Even a mild case of road rash can damage your skin and nerves. A broken bone requires weeks of rest and recovery. 

A concussion can lead to permanent brain damage and memory loss, in addition to post-concussion syndrome. Organ and spinal cord injuries require hospitalization, surgery, and infection control. 

You may need to pay thousands of dollars for your treatment, and you may lose thousands in wages. But there are ways you can recover your money. The Law Offices of Daniel Kim represent motorcycle accident survivors in civil lawsuits. Contact us today