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One Killed in Bicycle Accident at South 1st Street and Reed Street [San Jose, CA]

Woodland Hills is a beautiful and safe city to live in located right off the 101 Freeway – it’s also very expensive.

There are many motorcycle riders in the area because of the nice weather and it’s location to SageBrush Cantina – local bike hangout.

Motorcycles are very dangerous, and if you’ve been injured then please contact us today for immediate help.

The main issue is that when you get hit riding on your motorcycle and the other party is at fault, the actual insurance company that will pay any settlement for your injuries will be the other drivers who hit you.

This is where it gets tricky because of course the opposing insurance company won’t want to pay any money, in fact their goal would be to deny your accident claim entirely.

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Have you been hurt while riding your motorcycle.

Daniel Kim and his team have years of experience dealing with motorcycle injuries in Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas.

Motorcycle injuries are notoriously very bad and can sometimes even involve a fatality or amputation.

Do not let the large insurance companies bully you around, instead call Daniel Kim today and let him fight for you.

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  • A+ rating on the BBB
  • 99% client satisfaction rating
  • Over 1000 great reviews on Yelp and Google
  • We help you get medical care you need

When you search for a personal injury lawyer here in the Valley you will be overwhelmed with options and choices, maybe even family friends.

When it comes to getting a settlement and recovering financial compensation for your injuries you’ll want to hire the best, and in this case that is going to be Daniel Kim.

Over his career Daniel Kim has become an expert negotiator and he really knows how to handle the insurance companies that love to low ball accident victims.

Don’t be intimidated, instead call us today.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents In Woodland Hills

Motorcycles are a great way to get around the city of Woodland Hills.

They are fun to ride, easy to park and use less fossil fuels then other automobiles.

They can travel through traffic much faster than a car or truck giving them greater accessibility and a sense of freedom.

Because of the weather and scenic roads, California is the most popular state in the US for motorcyclist and is a large part of the culture.

There is also added risk of injury when riding a motorcycle, because of the vulnerability of not having a steal frame for protection like a car or truck.

No matter how careful you are when riding, you are still in jeopardy of crashing into a larger vehicle.

There are a number of variables that can lead to a motorcycle accident.

Below is a list of the most common reasons that can lead to a motorcycle wreck.

  1. Speeding – Driving at excessive speeds is always a danger and the faster the speed of the accident the more damage and injury usually occurs.
  2. DUI – Driving under the influence is still a major cause of motorcycle accidents. Reflexes and reaction time are impaired as well as judgement.
  3. Reckless driving – This can include running red lights, stop signs, improper lane changing and aggressive driving adds unnecessary risk.
  4. Distracted drivers – When a motorist is unfocused, talking, texting, drinking, eating or listening to music can cause a serious motorcycle accident.
  5. Motorcycle maintenance – Not properly checking or maintaining the motorcycle can lead to bad situations. Tires, brakes and lights need to be in proper working order at all times.
  6. Lane splitting – This is a dangerous thing in which many motorcyclists do. If a car is unaware that the rider is between lanes and hits a rider the results can be devastating.
  7. Car doors – This can be damaging and serious injury can occur when a person exits their car or truck without looking and throwing their door open into traffic where a motorcyclist may be riding by.
  8. Dangerous road conditions – Often when a road has potholes or cracks in the pavement a rider can rupture a tire or be caught in a groove leading to a wreck.

Here Are 5 Simple Motorcycle Safety Tips To Know

  • Helmet (The best way to protect the head and a must whenever you ride.)
  • Motorcycle safety classes (Knowledge of the rules and the road are invaluable to a motorcyclist.)
  • Protective clothing (Thick clothing to protect the skin. Long pants and jackets with gloves and proper riding boots for the feet.)
  • Leave room (As a motorcyclist you must keep a safe distance between you and the other vehicles.)
  • No distractions (No headphones or anything to distract you from the sights and sounds of the road.)

Common Injuries From a Motorcycle Accident

It is a reality that riding a motorcycle is enormously hazardous and even if you wear a helmet, there are still plenty of horrifying injuries that you need to worry about.

Obey all the motorcycle laws in Woodland Hills and drive with caution in order to avoid any type of accident and injury.

Wearing a helmet might definitely save your life, but it won’t save you from broken bones, roadrash, and other injuries that affect the body.

It is always smart to wear protective gear like a thick leather jacket, gloves, boots, etc., so in other words don’t ride around like a fool in shorts and a tanktop.

If you do get hit by a car, these injuries below are probably what you’ll be dealing with –

  • Head injury – concussions, traumatic brain injury, brain damage
  • Broken bones – arm, legs wrists, ribs, back, neck
  • Road rash – skin tissue abrasion, can leave scarring, can lead to infection
  • Spinal injury – paralysis, bone breaks
  • Muscle damage – tears, strains
  • Internal injury – heart, kidneys, punctured lungs, spleen

Woodland Hills Motorcycle Accident Stats

It won’t surprise anyone to learn that motorcycles are very popular modes of transportation in the Woodland Hills community, just as they are throughout the rest of Southern California.

This community has gorgeous weather all year round, conducive to cruising around on your motorcycle, and some of the best Southern California views to soak in on two wheels as well.

Thankfully though, the city streets and highways of Woodland Hills are pretty friendly to motorcycle traffic.

In 2017 there were only 27 total motorcycle accidents reported, working out to about 0.54 accidents per 1000 people living in the community.

How Many Injuries And Deaths Were Caused By Motorcycle Accidents

Whenever you’re talking about motorcycle accidents the potential for injury (and fatalities) is quite high.

90% of the motorcycle accidents reported in Woodland Hills during 2017 had at least one injury reported at the scene or later down the line.

Luckily, however, no one lost their lives as a result of motorcycle accidents in this community during that same year.

What Percentage Of These Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol?

It’s never a good idea to climb on top of a motorcycle after consuming drugs or alcohol, but motorists continue to do so on a day-to-day basis in the state of California.

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drug arrest rates have climbed by 30% over the last half decade, and more than 10% of all motor vehicle fatalities (including motorcycle fatalities) are caused by people driving after they’ve taken drugs.

How Many People Own A Motorcycle In California?

The state of California is home to the highest amount of registered motorcycles in the United States, with more than 800,000 motorcycles registered to legally be operated on the streets, highways, and byways of this great state.

That’s almost 200,000 more motorcycles registered in the state of California than the second highest amount of motorcycles and anyone state throughout the US.

Bad Intersections In Woodland Hills For Motorcycle Accidents?

All intersections pose risk to motorcyclists and you’ll want to practice defensive driving when you are going through these local intersections for sure:

  • Venura and Fallbrook
  • Burbank and Canoga

What Is The Fine For Not Wearing A Helmet In California?

CHIPS have the legal authority to assess you with a fine of anywhere between $10 and $250 if you are found to be driving or riding a motorcycle in the state of California without a helmet.

You can also face upwards of a year of probation as well.


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