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Woodland Hills is a beautiful tree-lined neighborhood nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in the Southwest region of the San Fernando Valley.

It is located just east of Calabasas and west of Tarzana, with West Hills as its northern border and the Santa Monica Mountains to the south.

Woodland Hills is a mostly residential area with a population of nearly 68,000 people living in the neighborhood. Whilst Woodland Hills is known mostly for being a great place to live, there are also many businesses, schools, and government offices in the neighborhood, the largest commercial and business area being Warner Center.

Every day, thousands of people commute to and from Woodland Hills for work and school increasing the number of cars on the road daily especially during rush hour.

Anytime there are more motor vehicles on the road, and especially on busy roadways such as the 101 freeway, the risk of being in an accident also increases.

If you have been injured in a Woodland Hills car accident, you will need an expert legal team that knows the area and the laws regarding personal injury cases, as well as how the insurance companies work and their tactics.

For a free consultation and initial case review of your car accident and injuries, contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim today.


Why Contact The Law Offices Of Daniel Kim?

Daniel Kim has been representing and helping the residents of Woodland Hills for many years and knows exactly how to win maximum compensation and settlements for car accident injury victims.

We are an aggressive law firm that negotiates with insurance companies and negligent parties diligently and thoroughly leaving no stone unturned, but treat all our clients with the utmost respect and compassion.

We only handle motor vehicle accidents and know exactly how to build a positive winning case to get our clients the maximum compensation possible.

Daniel Kim and experienced legal team have over 1000 positive reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp from previous satisfied clients and offer a no pressure, no fees until we win your case policy.

Our office is available for you to contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any and all questions and concerns regarding your car accident and injuries.

Contact us today for a free consultation and in-depth initial case review.

Man Seriously Injured in DUI Accident on Highway 101 near College Avenue [Santa Rosa, CA]

Common Types Of Car Accidents In Woodland Hills

There are a variety of types of car accidents and while some may appear similar, no two accidents are 100% alike.

At the Law Office of Daniel Kim, we have seen them all and represented thousands of car accident injury cases successfully, so we know exactly how to get the job done.

Some of the most common car accidents we deal with include:

Rear end collisions – this is when a driver slams into the car in front of them from behind, usually taking the front car driver by surprise, and sometimes even pushing their vehicle into the car in front of them. This type of collision can cause very serious injuries such as whiplash and concussion, especially if the vehicle was speeding or if it was a larger commercial vehicle like a truck or delivery van that hits you. Always give yourself plenty of space between your vehicle and the car in front in case they stop suddenly. This is especially important in bad weather.

T-bone accidents – this kind of accident usually happens when a driver ignores or does not notice the red light or stop sign and speeds through an intersection, colliding with vehicles that have the legal right of way. This can also occur when a driver is turning without looking for or yielding to oncoming traffic. Pedestrians are also at risk in this situation.

Freeway accidents – because Woodland Hills is located along US-101 which is a very busy freeway both day and night, it is inevitable that accidents will occur, particularly during rush hours. These accidents could be caused by a variety of reasons such as unsafe lane changes, speeding, racing, not paying attention, and even cause multi-car pile-ups. Always pay extra attention when driving on the freeway, especially when there are trucks around.

There are many other types of car accidents, but these are the most common we experience handling in Woodland Hills. No matter what type of car accident you are involved in, the Law Offices of Daniel Kim are here to help you.

Common Causes Of Car Crashes In Woodland Hills

Just like there are many types of car accidents, there are many reasons why an accident occurred in the first place.

The 3 most common reasons for car crashes include:

Drunk driving – driving while intoxicated or under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol can cause drivers reaction times to be extremely diminished, causing their reflexes to be nonexistent and their inhibitions to be lowered. Drunk drivers are often driving more recklessly or carelessly than they are aware of, and can cause catastrophic damage when colliding with an unsuspecting motorist or swerving into oncoming traffic and causing another motorist to be in an accident when they try and get out of the way. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are also all at risk when drunk drivers are on the road.

Distracted driving – even though using a handheld device like a smartphone or tablet while driving is illegal in California, far too many people are still texting, emailing, and talking on the phone whilst behind the wheel. And it’s not just using devices that can distract the driver. Fiddling with the radio, talking with passengers, eating and drinking, looking at a map or GPS, applying makeup, and even participating in carpool karaoke can all cause drivers to become distracted and cause an accident. Stay alert and pay attention, it could save your life and the lives of those around you.

Speeding – driving too fast and above the speed limit is the primary cause of all car accidents and car accident injuries in Woodland Hills and across the United States. This is especially evident late at night when the 101 freeway is a little more open and cars routinely exceed the speed limit or even race to get where they going. A speeding vehicle will not be able to stop in time if there is an unexpected car entering the lane or there is an unforeseen road hazard. Heavier vehicles such as vans, trucks, and SUVs will have an even harder time stopping quickly and could be more likely to roll over when in an accident at top speed.

There are many other reasons a car accident could occur including bad weather, faulty car maintenance, poorly marked roads, etc., but no matter what the reason we will investigate the cause thoroughly and pursue the maximum amount of compensation available for your injuries.


What To Do After A Woodland Hills Car Accident

Accidents by definition usually come as a complete surprise and can be difficult to deal with, especially immediately after the crash.

We fully understand that the following list will be dependent on the severity of your injuries immediately following your collision, but if you can, this is what you should do immediately following the crash.

Assess the situation – check to see if you are visibly injured and if anybody else in your vehicle or other cars involved are injured. If it is safe, move away from the damaged vehicles quickly.

Call 911 – ask the emergency services operator to please dispatch both police and paramedics to the scene. Give an accurate location so they can access you quickly.

Collect evidence – this is a very important step to building a successful compensation case. This evidence includes all involved drivers names, licenses, registration, insurance cards, and contact info. Also, gather the contact information for any witnesses or bystanders to the accident.

Take photos and videos – document everything, from any visible injuries, property damage and damage to vehicles, road conditions, weather conditions, and any road signs. Take as many photos and videos as possible, there is no such thing as too many.

Seek medical help immediately – this is the most important thing you can do after being involved in a Woodland Hills car accident. Do not underestimate the severity of your injuries just because you can’t see or feel them yet. They could be internal or being masked by the adrenaline rush from the crash. Seeing a doctor immediately following your accidents can help rule out more severe injuries and get you on the path to recovery quickly. Keep all paperwork from the emergency room, hospital, and doctors, as we will be using that documentation to help build your case.

Contact Daniel Kim – having an experienced personal injury attorney like The Law Offices of Daniel Kim representing you will not only help get you the appropriate follow-up medical treatment but will also increase your chances of receiving a better settlement when we start to negotiate your injury case with the insurance companies.

Woodland Hills Car Accident Stats

In 2017, there were 485,866 reported car accidents in California, which resulted in 3898 fatalities and 276,823 injuries of varying degrees.

Los Angeles is the most dangerous County in the state with 91,468 injuries and deaths as a result of car accidents.

Car accident deaths in California have increased by 23.5% since 2013.

Busy And Dangerous Roads In Woodland Hills

As we mentioned several times, the 101 freeway is the busiest and most dangerous stretch of roadway in Woodland Hills.

Some other busy Woodland Hills streets include:

  • Burbank Boulevard.
  • Ventura Boulevard.
  • Canoga Avenue.
  • W. Oxnard Street.
  • De Soto Ave.
  • Victory Blvd.
  • Topanga Canyon Boulevard.
  • Vanowen Street.
  • Winnetka Avenue
  • Fallbrook Ave.


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