Woman Injured in Pedestrian Accident on G Street [Merced, CA]

Woman Injured in Pedestrian Accident on G Street [Merced, CA]
Woman Injured in Pedestrian Accident on G Street [Merced, CA]

Woman Struck by Car in Pedestrian Accident on G Street and Donna Avenue

MERCED, CA (February 22, 2021) — A 26-year-old woman suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident on G Street on Friday, February 19.
At around 5:20 a.m., Merced police officers responded to G Street and Donna Avenue. They found a woman lying in the southbound lane of G Street with moderate to major injuries.
Paramedics rushed the woman to a medical center. However, her current condition was not yet available.
Investigators said that the driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene and cooperated with officers.
Officials have not yet determined the cause of the incident. However, police said they do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.
Authorities closed G Street, south of Donna Avenue, for a few hours during an on-scene investigation.
Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, follow all traffic rules and observe safety precautions. If you are behind the wheel, avoid distractions while driving and always look out for pedestrians. If you are a pedestrian, cross the street at the designated crosswalk or intersection. By being cautious, you can prevent road accidents.

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