Road Rage Driver Causes Fiery Accident on Highway 94 [San Diego, CA]

Road Rage Driver Causes Fiery Accident on Highway 94 [San Diego, CA]
Road Rage Driver Causes Fiery Accident on Highway 94 [San Diego, CA]

Car Engulfed in Flames Following Rage Rage Collision on Highway 94

SAN DIEGO, CA (February 5, 2022) – Officials said a road rage driver caused a fiery accident on Highway 94 in the area of San Diego.
The incident, which happened on January 29, did not cause any injuries. According to the California Highway Patrol, a man was driving an Acura eastbound on Highway 94. Suddenly, another car forcibly tried to make him drive off the roadway. The second car reportedly kept on swerving into the Acura, trying to slam into it.
The driver of the Acura eventually lost control of the vehicle, crashed into the guardrail on the right shoulder. The car subsequently went across all lanes, overturned but landed on its wheels, and then slammed into the center divider.
Based on reports, the man driving the Acura did not have any injuries. However, his car was engulfed in flames. The gas tank exploded at one point as the firefighters are trying to contain the fire. None of the firefighters sustained any injuries.
Meanwhile, there were no reports of whether the authorities have any leads on the identity of the road rage driver. Further investigation of this fiery accident on Highway 94 is underway.
All drivers carry equal responsibility for road safety. Follow all traffic laws at all times. When behind the wheel, avoid distractions and do not multitask. Keep an eye out for possible hazards and dangerous drivers. Furthermore, never operate a vehicle when sleepy, fatigued, and inebriated.

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