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The T-bone car accident happens all too often to innocent drivers who are just going about their day.

The t-bone accident (also known as a side impact collision) can certainly cause serious injuries to the occupants in the car that is T-boned.

As we all know, car accidents can happen at anytime, anywhere, to anyone, that is why they are called accidents.

If you have been injured in a car accident then you need to call a personal injury lawyer ASAP, don’t wait for the insurance companies to help you because they won’t.

Daniel Kim is a top-rated car accident lawyer and is here to help.

We know how dramatic a car accident can be, and our goal is to take some stress off the injury victims.

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Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

If you or a loved one is involved (and injured) in a T-bone type accident, then you’ll want to hire a top personal injury lawyer like Daniel Kim.

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Once you start dealing with the insurance companies you’ll quickly see how frustrating and ridiculous the legal process can be.

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Dealing With The Insurance Companies

This is always a frustrating part for any accident victim who suffered injuries in a T-bone accident.

Once you get home from the hospital and you start getting medical bills in the mail, police reports that are incorrect, and the insurance adjusters start calling you, it’s easy to want to run and hide.

But you can’t do that, you need to call Daniel Kim and let him deal with the insurance companies while they try to deny or minimize your case.

All the games that the insurance companies play can definitely slow down the settlement process and delay you getting compensated fairly for your injuries.

It is important to remember that insurance companies are corporate giants (for profit) and they hate to pay out any money for accident claims.

Just be very careful when the insurance adjuster tries to act like your friend, because whatever you say or sign can be used against you later on.

What is a T-bone Accident

T-bone accidents are a little different (and dangerous) because in a T-bone car crash there is only a thin door or window that separates you and the vehicle that is crashing into you.

Whereas, in a head-on accident, or a rear-end accident there is a lot of steel (the hood, trunk etc.) between you and the car that is colliding with you.

With no protection (or barrier) between the victim and the other car, there is so many things that can happen that will cause injuries to the drivers and passengers.

The window for example can shatter on impact which of course can be really bad, as little shards of glass will fly everywhere as the cars collide.

And although you would think the car causing the collision is at fault, there are instances where the insurance company will try to put the blame on the driver of the car that was hit.

We talk about these scenarios below.

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Who Is At Fault in a T-bone Accident

It doesn’t really matter if a car accident results in major or minor injuries, it can be very hard to determine who is actually at fault.

The police ideally will show up and do their investigation at the scene to determine who they believe to be at fault, and the insurance companies have their own way of determining who is at fault.

Things like photographs, witnesses, the police report, and maybe even dash cam evidence can offer great help when it comes to determining fault in a T-bone accident.

It is even possible for more than one driver to be at fault for a T-bone accident.

Think of a scenario like this, where two drivers are at a stop sign with no traffic lights, and they are figuring out the right of way at the intersection.

If driver A fails to stop at the stop sign and then T-bones driver B who was texting and could have avoided the collision if they weren’t driving ‘while distracted”.

In this example some of the blame could be put on driver B because if he wasn’t driving and texting he might have been able to avoid the accident.

As you can see it can be very difficult to determine fault in a car crash and sometimes it is very difficult.

One important thing to remember is that oncoming traffic always has the right-of-way, so don’t make a left hand turn unless you know for sure that the approaching traffic has plenty of room.

If you have been injured in a T-bone car accident then call us today for a FREE consultation and get answers to whatever questions you might have.

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Main Causes of T-bone Accidents

Like any car accident, you can’t just point to one thing that would cause the crash, and a T-bone accident is no different.

There are multiple things that can lead to a T-bone car accident.

Below is a partial list of what might cause the T-bone collision –

Running red lights – of course it’s illegal to run a red light, but it happens every minute somewhere in America. The biggest problem is that most drivers speed up to make a Yellow light, which in turn means they are going even faster when they hit the red light.

Failure to yield – we all should have learned these lessons in drivers education, but sadly most drivers can be rude and don’t care about yielding.

Distracted driving – everyday it becomes a bigger and bigger problem as more and more people drive while they are texting, talking on phone, checking social media, etc. All dangerous.

Under the influence – sadly this is still a huge problem on the roads and freeways, as many Americans still drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, or prescription pills.

Reckless and aggressive driving – sometimes referred to as Roadrage, when people are in a hurry and a bad mood it can cause drivers to make bad decisions while driving a vehicle.

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Injuries from T-bone Car Accident

Being involved in any type of car accident will usually result in some bad injuries, but a T-bone accident can cause some severe injuries to all the parties involved.

In a side impact collision, obviously the people sitting on the side of the car that is hit will tend to suffer the most serious injuries (because the impact of the crash is worse for those closest).

But passengers sitting on the other side of the car can get injured also, especially if the vehicles are going say 20 MPH or faster.

Below is a list of common injuries from a T-bone car accident.

Head injuries – things like traumatic brain injuries, a concussion, or cuts and wounds

Limb injuries – broken bones, fractures, or even dislocated limbs

Neck injuries – always a bad injury which can include herniated discs or whiplash where the neck extends in an unnatural way while the head snaps from the impact itself

Back injuries – also might include herniated discs, any nerve damage, paralysis, or spinal cord damage

Soft tissue injury – typically includes tendon, muscle, and ligament sprains or tears

Abdominal, chest and pelvic injury – seat belt can cause an injury even though it saves a life

T-bone Car Accident Stats

There has been some good research done over the years on T-bone car accident collisions.

T-bone accidents represent about 14% of all the car accidents in the United States, but surprisingly 18% of all fatal car accidents (when one or more people are killed) are from T-bone style collisions.

The NHTSA (The National Transportation Highway Safety Administration) has reported that roughly 8000 people are killed each year in America from T-bone car accidents (or truck, motorcycle, etc.).

The facts show that for children, side-impact collisions are the deadliest when it comes to car accidents.

Over the past 20 years, side-impact crashes that caused a fatality have increased by about 20%, growing from 31% to 51%, this was due to increased speeds on the roads, and a growing number of SUVs.

A broadside blow is more deadly than both a head-on crash or rear-end type of car crash, and over 50% of all automobile accident deaths involve a T-bone style collision.

These numbers are astonishing when you really break it down and consider just how many innocent lives are lost each year due to T-bone car accidents.

In addition, T-bone accidents will usually cause one or more vehicles involved to get knocked off course and pushed into a second or even third collision.

Obviously being pushed into oncoming traffic will put the car driver and passengers into extreme danger.

Once a vehicle has been pushed off course it can easily collide with a telephone pole, guardrail, another car, a pedestrian, or just veer off the road itself.