Bakersfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Bakersfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Bakersfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Residents of Bakersfield enjoy going on walks. Sometimes this is a leisurely stroll, sometimes it’s to workout, and sometimes it’s their preferred way to get to work.

Southern California is well known for its variety of restaurants, bars, and shopping which all draw a lot of foot traffic and residents.

Being hit by a car or truck, even a motorcycle, can cause serious injuries to a pedestrian who has no protection around them when an accident takes place.

As the population continues to grow in Kern County it is inevitable that more and more pedestrian accidents will occur.

There are things you can do before and after a pedestrian accident in Bakersfield, so please read this entire article to get a better understanding of how the laws work to protect pedestrians.

If you were hit by an uninsured driver, a hit and run, or hit by a commercial truck, we can help.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident then you definitely want to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Bakersfield.




Why Contact Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim?

Daniel Kim and his staff have years and years of experience representing pedestrian accident victims in Kern County.

If you are ever injured in a pedestrian accident you don’t want to attempt to fight the insurance companies alone, instead, call us for a free consultation.

In reality, pedestrians are hit (and sometimes killed) in Bakersfield every day, while walking in a crosswalk or pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian accidents are very serious and often result in major injuries like brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, which is why you need to hire an experienced lawyer like Daniel Kim.

It is very rare that pedestrians are found to be at fault, but you still want a Top law firm on your side.

Daniel Kim connects clients with the top medical providers in Kern County including physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and others.

Over 1,000 Positive Reviews on Google and Yelp prove that Daniel cares about his clients.

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How Much Is My Pedestrian Accident Worth?

After an accident many pedestrians will ask Google “what is the average settlement for being hit by a car” and “can I sue for being hit as a pedestrian?”

Yes, insurance companies do use complicated formulas to determine a value for injury accidents, but you can’t just pop in a few numbers into a calculator to quickly get an expected case value.

Remember to educate yourself about having to pay taxes on a personal injury settlement.

There are many, many factors that go into a pedestrian accident settlement, and that is why it’s so important to contact an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Bakersfield like Daniel Kim.

Things like who is at fault or how bad the injuries are all play into a settlement. Other factors include:

  • Fault – lawyers and insurers will study the accident scene, property damage to determine fault. If the pedestrian is at fault in any way it can greatly affect the compensation you get, but the police report can help prove fault
  • Recovery – if your injuries are permanent or take a while to heal from you’ll get more money
  • Injuries – of course, the severity of your injuries will be a major factor in how much compensation you can get
  • Work – if a pedestrian in LA misses work due to the accident (or permanently disabled) then this will for sure increase the possible compensation you get


Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents in Bakersfield

Just like any accident (where somebody suffers an injury), a pedestrian accident can occur due to a million reasons where the driver is at fault.

Sometimes accidents can’t be avoided (that is why they are called accidents), but you can definitely educate yourself and prepare for what could happen. Here is a Breakdown of the Most Common Bakersfield Pedestrian Accidents:

Crosswalk accidents – this scenario is all too common when a driver just ignores a crosswalk, but hitting a pedestrian while they walk in a crosswalk is a serious offense with potential criminal ramifications

Intersection accidents – this happens when vehicles are turning at intersections and the driver just is careless and doesn’t look for people walking – many times due to distracted drivers

Hit and run accidents – this is common among drivers without car insurance or a license.

Back over accidents – usually a total accident when a driver just backs over a pedestrian, typically takes place in a driveway or parking lot (especially to kids who are small and hard to see)


Common Injuries From a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians that are hit by a car or any motor vehicle usually suffer pretty severe injuries, sometimes even life-threatening.

Many variables can affect how severe the injuries are that you suffer:

  • how fast was the car going
  • type of vehicle
  • the pedestrian’s age and health can play a role.

Most common injuries we see from pedestrian accidents:

  • Internal injuries – this includes internal bleeding, rib fractures, brain bleeds which are all very serious
  • Head trauma –  Traumatic brain injuries must be treated with extreme caution
  • Pelvic injuries – these are very common
  • Broken bones – very most common injury in a pedestrian accident are broken bones
  • Lacerations – this type of injury can be very painful and take a while to heal
  • Back and spine – Other than death this is the worst. The spinal cord keeps the brain and body working together
  • Wrongful death – worst of all is when a pedestrian is killed from a motor vehicle accident


Bakersfield Pedestrian Laws and Who Has the “Right of Way”

As young children, most of our parents did their best to teach us about crossing a busy street.

Only being careful doesn’t always give you the right of way as a pedestrian and there are strict laws set forth by California that you need to adhere to.

As a pedestrian, it’s always better to “be safe than sorry” and even if you have the right of way it can be wise to just let the cars go ahead of you.

Here’s a list of laws that drivers must follow:

  • Do not stop your vehicle in a crosswalk
  • You can only drive a car (or motor vehicle) on a sidewalk when you are entering or exiting a garage or alleyway
  • You are not to pass another vehicle that has stopped at a crosswalk because the odds are good a pedestrian is crossing
  • A driver must always yield the right of way to any pedestrian while they are crossing a roadway within any crosswalk at an intersection
  • And there are rules that will apply to blind pedestrians in Bakersfield or OC
  • In Bakersfield, these laws are taken very seriously, and drivers who don’t follow these laws can be subject to penalties
  • Failing to yield to a blind pedestrian can lead to a fine of up to $1,000 and possibly 6 months in jail


Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Bakersfield

Pedestrian accidents in Bakersfield are the least likely type of traffic accident in the city, but still, almost 1,000 people in 2017 were involved in accidents on Bakersfield roads.

Motorcyclists, cyclists, and truck drivers were all more likely to be involved in auto accidents in Bakersfield during 2017, compared to pedestrians.

Deaths From Pedestrian Accidents

In 2017, just five people died after being involved in an automobile accident as a pedestrian – slightly under the California city average of 5.7 people per year dying from this exact same kind of situation.

Injuries From Pedestrian Accidents in Bakersfield

Injuries in these kinds of accidents are quite common when a pedestrian is hit by an automobile, a vehicle that weighs at least a little more than a literal ton – and is usually moving fast.

Over 80% of all pedestrian accidents in Bakersfield involved some kind of injury.

Percentage of Drivers Who Were on Drugs or Alcohol

Overall instances of drivers operating vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Bakersfield are down compared to years before.

Pedestrians are still 551% more likely to die if they are involved in a traffic accident where at least one driver was consuming drugs or alcohol.

Percentage of Bakersfield Pedestrian Accidents That Involved a Distracted Driver

80% of all accidents in California are reportedly caused at least in part by drivers that were distracted and inattentive while they were behind the wheel and operating their vehicle.

40% of drivers involved in accidents self-report that they were spending time on their cell phones even though it is against the law in the state of California to do so while driving.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Bakersfield for Pedestrian Accidents

Victoria Street and Valley Road in Bakersfield (on the west side of the city) is one of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians.

Traffic engineers have reportedly looked at just how dangerous this intersection is.

Finding that drivers can become distracted by the curvature of the road – particularly after the sun has set – and have announced new initiatives to make changes that will make this area safer moving forward

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