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Culver City may seem like a small part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area at just over 5 square miles in size with a population of around 40,000 people, but the city sees more traffic on a daily basis than many other larger neighborhoods in LA.

This is thanks largely in part to major roads such as the 405, 10 and 90 freeways.

As well as Venice Blvd, Washington Blvd and others located in and around the city limits.

With these major thoroughfares comes not only a lot of commuter traffic, but a lot of commercial trucks as well using freeways and designated truck routes throughout Culver City.

Anytime there is an increase in trucks on the road, your chances of being involved in an accident with them also increase.

If you have been injured in a Culver City truck accident, you will need an experienced personal injury attorney such as Daniel Kim to represent you against the trucking companies and insurance companies.


Why Contact The Law Offices Of Daniel Kim

We know it’s tempting to try and handle a personal injury claim against the insurance companies yourself to save money and expedite the process with a quick settlement.

But you need to remember that trucking companies have an army of attorneys and insurance adjusters at their disposal whose sole objective is to minimize their exposure and your compensation.

You need to level the playing field by having a professional advocate to do battle with them on your behalf.

Daniel Kim and his outstanding legal team have many years of experience helping the residents of Culver City in recovering just compensation from injuries sustained in a truck accident.

Daniel Kim is not intimidated by the trucking industry or any insurance company and will negotiate your case assertively and aggressively.

After you contact the Law Offices of Daniel Kim for your free consultation and initial case review, we will begin to conduct our own investigation to get a better understanding of what happened.

We will interview any witnesses or bystanders that may have information or evidence regarding the accident and will help you get on the road to recovery by consulting with our experienced medical professionals.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is a well-established and respected personal injury law firm with over 1000 positive reviews from previous clients on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

Woman Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident on South M Street near Hill Street [Oxnard, CA]

Common Causes Of Culver City Truck Accidents

Culver City is already regarded by many as a difficult place to drive with many accidents, so when you factor in box trucks, delivery trucks, and especially big rigs, the roads become even more troublesome to navigate.

Accidents involving trucks can be even more serious than other motor vehicle accidents due to the excessive size and weight of the truck.

Accidents can happen for many reasons, but some include:

Blind spots – trucks have many more blind spots than a passenger car and when a truck is changing lanes and a smaller vehicle is in one of its blind spots, a collision could occur. The main places for blind spots on trucks are directly behind and directly in front of the truck, and in the middle on either side. Always remember that while you may see the truck, they may not see you. Play it safe when driving around a commercial truck.

Fatigued drivers – unrealistic delivery demands and timetables mean that drivers are under constant pressure to make their delivery as quickly and as on-time as possible. Exhausted drivers will have a delayed response time and may not be able to stop in time before colliding with another vehicle.

Distracted driving – like all motor vehicle drivers, distracted or inattentive driving is becoming more of a problem with every passing day. Trying to multitask while driving by checking email, texting, video chatting and looking at GPS map coordinates is illegal and can lead to serious accidents.

Impaired drivers – driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense that can cause serious collisions. However, with truck drivers, it is less to do with alcohol and more to do with prescription and over-the-counter medication, more often than not to try and stay alert and awake. A recent FMCSA study found that almost 45% of truck drivers that were involved in a reported accident tested positive for prescription and/or over-the-counter meds. Additionally, the Insurance Institute for Traffic Safety has found that approximately 15% of truck drivers tested positive for marijuana, 12% for non-stimulants, and 2% for cocaine. It goes without saying that this is incredibly dangerous and should never be allowed.

Speeding – a speeding truck will find it very hard to stop quickly and can cause catastrophic damage when it collides with a smaller vehicle such as a passenger car, Uber, motorcycle or even a smaller delivery box truck.

Bad driving conditions – Culver City is very lucky that the weather is great pretty much all year round. But like the rest of Los Angeles, when it does rain the roads turn into chaos very quickly, with inexperienced drivers and slippery roads thanks to the buildup of months of oil and gasoline leaks. Trucks will find it even harder than a smaller motor vehicle to stop quickly in such conditions. Always give a truck a little more room during inclement weather. But it’s not just bad weather that causes hazardous driving conditions. Potholes, roadwork, poorly marked lanes, and last-minute detours can all be attributing factors to truck accidents.

Overloaded trucks, impaired vision from night driving, equipment malfunction, maintenance negligence, and inexperienced drivers are also all leading causes of commercial trucking accidents.

Whatever the reason or cause for your accident involving a truck in Culver City, our experienced legateam at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim can help prepare and negotiate your case. No fees if we don’t win. Call us today.


Common Injuries From A Truck Accident

Because of the sheer size and weight difference between a truck and a car, the damages and injuries that can result after a collision are usually more significant than if it were passenger cars or smaller vehicles.

Injuries will range from the moderate to the severe including:

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Concussion
  • Loss of limbs/amputation
  • Death

No matter how minor you think your injuries may be, it is vitally important that you seek medical treatment and assistance immediately following an accident involving a truck or 18 wheeler.

Quite often the seriousness of injuries and their symptoms may not reveal themselves for days or even weeks after the accident and can lead to serious complications as they were not treated early.

Always accept a ride to the local hospital or emergency room from the scene by paramedics if offered.

Once you have been to the doctor, or even if you’re not sure what to do after being involved in a truck accident, contact us at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim and will help point you in the right direction.


What Kind Of Compensation Can I Get From A Truck Accident

There are a variety of factors that will determine what type of compensation you may be entitled to after being involved in a truck accident, such as who was negligent, and the extent of your injuries.

There are several types of compensation that we will attempt to recover for our clients after being involved in a truck accident, and as we progress through putting your claim together, we will begin to estimate what we believe your injuries and case is worth.

The types of damages you may be able to claim compensation include –

Economic damages – all medical bills pertaining to the accident, physical therapy, damage to property, loss of wages, at-home nursing care, and even modifications to your home if you need a wheelchair ramp, etc. When Daniel Kim reviews your case, he will ask you to provide information on all of the above as well as any other economic expenses you are out of pocket for.

Noneconomic damages – these are usually more difficult to calculate and harder to assign a dollar amount to. Future medical care, potential lost earnings, and pain-and-suffering are predictions from experts such as your doctor but are still somewhat intangible items.

Punitive damages – these are rarely awarded damages and hard to claim. In order to get punitive damages, we will need to prove that the driver or trucking company was 100% negligent and the driver willfully ignored all laws and regulations which led to causing the accident.

Being involved in a truck crash can be a catastrophic and life-changing experience.

Unfortunately, the aftermath can be equally traumatizing as a result of extreme financial burden.

The last thing you want to deal with is medical bills and loss of wages when you are trying to recover from a serious truck accident.

Let us help relieve some of that stress by contacting The Law Offices of Daniel Kim today.

Truck Accident Stats

There are approximately 3.5 million licensed truck drivers in the United States, including those working for major delivery companies such as UPS and FedEx.

In 2017 there were 27,982 reported truck accidents in California which resulted in 9,694 injuries and 359 deaths.

Los Angeles County had the most in the state with 2,691 reported injuries and fatalities.

Worst Roads And Intersections In Culver City

Culver City roads are some of the busiest in the greater West L A region and seem to always have heavy traffic, especially on weekdays and at rush hour.

Some of the worst roads include:

  • Venice Boulevard.
  • Culver Blvd and Overland Ave.
  • W. Washington Boulevard.
  • National Blvd.
  • Motor Ave.
  • Robertson Blvd and Exposition Blvd.
  • Interstate 405
  • Jefferson Blvd.
  • Inglewood Blvd.
  • Washington Place.

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