Can I Get A Settlement For A Car Accident Without A Lawyer

If you want to fight your case on your own and thinking to fight alone. Then read this article to know what are challenges you will face and why you require an auto accident lawyer Orange County for yourself.

Can I Get A Settlement For A Car Accident Without A Lawyer

How to calculate compensation for you damage?

There is no fixed formula for calculating compensation for your damages, and that’s why a car Auto accident lawyer makes it easy to calculate that. For example if 2 different people one an old man and other a professional basketball player suffered an accident do you really think they can get the same compensation? The answer is no they won’t, the basketball player if suffered an injury which affects its career it’s obvious he has a long term impact on its life so he will be entitled to more serious compensation.

Thus this is just a single example how a compensation calculation works.

Factors Used for calculation damage

The most difficult part is to calculate damages which are not visible or non economic damages. For ex pain and suffering these two things are non economic damage which will affect your life.

Factors used in calculating the value of pain and suffering include but are not limited to:

  • The type of injuries
  • How severe injury are
  • Recovery time
  • Permanent disability, scarring, or disfigurement
  • Can the injury impact daily life
  • The impact on the relationships between the injured party and family members
  • The prognosis for the future

Should you fight for you claims without a lawyer?

If you thinking of fighting case without an attorney then read this and decide:

Seriousness of Your Injuries

A normal damage like a fight can be easily compensated by an insurance company; they will pay easily for your medical bills. But when the amount is increased like if you got into any serious accident the you need an auto accident lawyer Orange County for you. Insurance companies will hesitate to compensate big amount and you need someone to pressure the m legally.

Finding sufficient evidence

You need evidence and witness to make your case strong and that’s only possible if you have an Auto accident lawyer beside you to guide you. A lawyer is experienced and knows how to get the desired evidences for you to make your case strong. Thus are you can get all this alone good but not then choosing a lawyer is the best choice for you.

Proof of the Other Driver’s Fault

Only when the other driver fault is proved then only you can get the compensation you require. And to prove that you have to fight the case legally and for that you need proper knowledge of rules and regulations which you don’t have. Thus choosing an Auto Accident Attorney is the best option for you to get this task done easily.

Calculation of Your Pain and Suffering

There is no set of equation to calculate someone pain or suffering, but for a fair compensation you have to do that. They are a lot of factors which comes to calculate non economic damages. If you are not able to calculate the non economic damages then contacting the best auto accident lawyer Orange County would be better for you. These people are experts and know how to calculate a complete damages compensation for you.

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