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Catastrophic means – involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering.


Every day in California people become a victim of a catastrophic injury, and their lives are senselessly turned upside down.

What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

Basically a catastrophic injury is a very severe injury to the brain, spine, or spinal cord, and it sometimes can include a skull fracture or spinal fractures.

This is just a more defined definition for the real legal term “catastrophic injury” which is based on the definition that is widely used by the American Medical Association.

Never let an insurance company try to downplay your injuries and tell you that it isn’t catastrophic if it is.

Call Daniel Kim today and get answers.

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Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim and his legal team have years of experience helping catastrophic injury victims.

When a person is seriously injured, in this case with a brain injury, it’s super important to hire the right legal team to represent you.

The insurance company does not like to pay out money for accident claims (obviously) and once they know you are dealing with a brain injury you can expect the insurance company to do anything in their power to deny or at least minimize your claim.

Daniel Kim is a compassionate person, but he’s an aggressive catastrophic injury lawyer who doesn’t take shortcuts and will fight for you and your family. 

If nothing else always call us for a FREE consultation to find out what your legal rights are, and what steps you need to take next to protect you and your family.

Daniel Kim is an award-winning attorney, for good reason, and he’s available 7 days a week to answer whatever questions you might have.

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Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

Brain and spine injuries are typically associated with catastrophic injuries, but any type of motor vehicle accident can cause this type of injury.

Below are the main culprits.

Spinal Cord

Spinal cord injuries are always among the worst type of personal injuries, and sadly result in life-altering consequences for the victims.

These catastrophic injuries happen for a million reasons, but there are common causes like a sudden and traumatic blow that can fracture, crush, or dislocate one or more vertebrae – ultimately leading to a tragic and potentially fatal situation.

The most common cause of spinal cord injuries are –

  • Falls
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Acts of violence
  • Playing sports, skateboarding, etc.

Brain Injuries

TBI, or traumatic brain injuries, are defined as any alteration in the brain function which is caused by an external force.

Typically, we see brain injuries resulting from falls, car accidents, or a person being hit in the head by an object.

A brain injury is always considered a serious injury and having a personal injury lawyer on your side will help ease a lot of stress in your life.

Most accident victims who suffer a severe brain injury will need long-term care and rehabilitation to help recover as much normalcy and functionality as they once knew, but it’s a long and delicate process no matter what.

Seeing a loved one or friend go through a situation that involves a brain injury is very difficult, but at The Law Office of Daniel Kim we’ll do our best to help the family cope with the reality at hand.

Once a person suffers from a serious brain injury, they can expect their whole life to change, from the ability to actually work and earn a living, to just being comfortable in social situations and other normal day to day activities.

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Car Accident Injuries

The NHTSA reported that 37,133 people died in motor vehicle accidents in 2017.

As we all know driving a car, truck, motorcycle, or even a scooter, can be very dangerous on any road in any city.

The reality is that car accidents quite often will lead to a traumatic brain injury, especially if the accident is bad, say when a semi-truck hits a car head-on.

Of course car accidents happen for a variety of reasons, and we’ve listed some below.

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How Much Is My Catastrophic Injury Settlement Worth

The most important thing to understand is that Every catastrophic accident is unique, and therefore each settlement amount will be different.

There are so many factors and combinations of those factors that play a part in what a settlement might look like in the end.

Our main goal is to help you focus on your actual health, and of course on top of that we are here to make sure our clients get maximum compensation for whatever injuries they suffered (large or small).

Like any injury accident claim, it’s very important to keep track of all your medical bills and doctor appointments from the beginning.

All this type of information in proving the severity of your injuries, and of course it helps when it comes to trying to get paid for all the medical bills you have – don’t take this lightly.

You need to call Daniel Kim today and explain the details about your catastrophic injury case, because you don’t want to settle with the insurance company for $100,000 and find out later you should have gotten $500,000!!

There is so much that goes into negotiating a final settlement, that we can’t really do it justice by trying to explain it here.

We will seek compensation for things like –

Medical bills – ambulance ride, ER visit, physical therapy, etc.

Pain and suffering – for both emotional and physical trauma

Property damage – to any personal property or your vehicle, etc.

Loss of wages – would include any money you lost following your catastrophic injury

Reasons To File a Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawsuit

After a catastrophic injury happens, the family and friends literally have to adapt over night and change their lives to accommodate their loved one. This isn’t always easy.

After the injury victims will likely face new financial hardships, and might not be able to work, or work enough to support themselves and their family.

When you start taking into account the mounting medical bills, the stress, etc., all of this can become too much for some people to handle.

The reality is that getting compensation for your injury or wrongful death (or for your family member) is crucial to any type of financial security in the future, and to make this happen you will have to fight a bunch of powerful lawyers.

The giant insurance companies employ a lot of people (and resources) that are meant just to fight you in order to avoid paying you the money you are entitled to for the injuries.

Ultimately, the insurance companies want to avoid your claim completely, or they want to pay as little money as possible after they minimize everything and every injury.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Call Daniel Kim today.

If you end up settling for less than you should, your whole future could be at risk when it relates to money and finances.

You could be left paying off enormous amounts of medical bills and you never know what future surgeries or medical treatments you will need, so think years ahead before you decide to just settle.

Also, it’s worth noting that health insurance costs can increase dramatically once they know you had a life-changing injury like a brain injury, amputation, spine injury, etc.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Below is a list of things to be aware of when dealing with the insurance company.

Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators – often your insurance adjuster will act very nice and helpful, but you need to be careful. Their real goal is to minimize the amount of money paid out on your catastrophic injury claim and they will even deny the claim or not recognize the full value of the settlement if possible.

Don’t accept the 1st settlement they offer you – Sadly after an accident most people need money quickly to fix their car and pay for medical bills as they deal with a catastrophic injury. The insurance adjusters know this and usually will offer a crazy low ball settlement just hoping you’ll say yes.

Anything you say will most likely be used against you – the goal of the insurance adjuster is to make up their own version of the accident (to minimize it) and have you agree with them. Do not give a recorded statement or sign anything until you call Daniel Kim for advice.

The insurance company loves to avoid paying medical expenses – this goes hand in hand with trying to pay you as little as possible in a settlement. They might even suggest that you are lying and making up injuries. Don’t be pushed around – Call Daniel Kim Law Office today.

If you won’t settle today, insurance companies might ignore you – once insurance companies know you won’t accept their first offer, many times they will ignore you hoping you’ll go away or that the statute of limitations will expire (2 years in California).

Don’t sign anything until you call Daniel Kim Law Offices – many of the forms and documents the insurance companies want you to sign might have fine print that you don’t understand. Be very careful and call us if you need help.

Insurance companies don’t have to treat you fairly – when the other driver is at fault for the car accident it’s very common for that drivers insurance company to deny or delay paying your claim.