8 Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Lawyers

Common Personal Injury Myths 


Common myths about personal injury cases

There are many misconceptions and myths about personal injury lawyers. Unfortunately, these false assumptions can prevent an injured person from hiring a lawyer and getting help. Without a lawyer, many people end up accepting lowball settlement offers from the insurance company. These offers often do not reflect the full extent of the victim’s losses.

As trusted and highly-rated personal injury attorneys in Orange County, we hope to debunk common personal injury myths and offer insight into the personal injury claims process.


1. Lawyers Are Too Expensive

Many people think that hiring a personal injury attorney will cost them a lot of money. However, this is not true. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they only get paid if they win the case. They do not charge an hourly fee or require a steep retainer. A personal injury lawyer’s fee is a percentage of the settlement or verdict amount, which usually ranges from 30 to 40%. Contingency fees allow anyone to seek legal representation, regardless of income, because clients do not have to pay any upfront legal fees. 


2. I Can File My Own Case

You may want to file a claim on your own if you did not suffer any injuries or your car sustained very little damage. However, in more serious accidents involving extensive property damage and severe injuries, it will be much harder to file your own case. An experienced personal injury lawyer will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for medical bills and other expenses.


3. Personal Injury Cases Take Too Long

Personal injury cases take too long.
While it is true that some cases take years to settle, oftentimes personal injury lawsuits are resolved in a matter of weeks or months. Many personal injury victims are persuaded to accept the insurance company’s immediate offer, but later realize they were not properly compensated. Personal injury attorneys take their time to thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident and the full impact of the victim’s injuries. 


4. I Have Insurance, So I Don’t Need a Lawyer

Just because you have insurance to cover your losses doesn’t mean that you don’t need a lawyer to settle your case. Even your own insurance company might deny or delay your claim. Lawyers are experts in negotiation and are aware of the common tactics many insurance adjusters use. Insurance companies are profit-driven businesses, and they will do what it takes to offer you the lowest possible settlement. 


5. I Can File a Claim at Any Time

You may think you have an indefinite amount of time to file a personal injury claim, but that is simply not true. The clock starts ticking the moment after your accident. In California, injured accident victims only have two years from the date of their accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. Beyond two years, victims lose their right to file a claim and pursue financial compensation. 


6. I Have Only Minor Injuries, So I Don’t Have a Personal Injury Claim

Some people believe that they don’t need a lawyer if their injuries are minor. This may be true, but it’s a good idea to at least call a personal injury law firm and ask them about the validity of your personal injury lawsuit. A vast majority of victims settle with their insurance company without realizing the full extent of their injuries. If you realize later on that you need physical therapy or surgery, you will end up footing the bill. Even a minor injury like whiplash can cause complications and chronic pain.


7. Lawyers Are “Ambulance Chasers” 

Ambulance chasing is when a lawyer seeks out accident victims in order to secure their business. Not only is it unethical, it is also illegal and punishable by one year in county jail and a fine of up to $15,000. No attorneys in California are allowed to seek out injured victims or use “runners” or “cappers” to find potential clients. Do not let popular movies or TV shows convince you otherwise. 


8. Personal Injury Lawsuits Always End Up in Court

Personal injury cases are a type of tort law, which deals with civil wrongs and damages. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that only about 3% of tort cases go to trial. The rest are settled out of court. This means that the likelihood of a personal injury case going to court trial is very slim. This is because trials are costly and time-consuming for both sides – the defendant, their insurance company, the plaintiff, and their lawyer. The stakes are very high and the losing party must pay expensive legal and court fees. Trials can drag on for more than a year, costing the plaintiff precious time and money. 


Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer To Get The Compensation You Deserve

Personal injury claim medical costs
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