7 Characteristics of a Quality Car Accident Law Firm

Car Accident Law Firm

Car Accident Law Firm

With roughly 35,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the US and even more non-fatal accidents occurring each year, the need for a quality car accident law firm has been in high demand more than ever. However, how do you determine which firm is best for your car accident case? Here are seven characteristics to look for.


1. Experience

It’s very possible for a new law firm to be great at what they do right out of the gate. However, the last thing you want is to be part of someone’s learning curve so if you’re looking for a law firm that excels at what they do, looking for experience is the safest bet.

Some law firms will have their years of experience proudly stated on their website. If you’ve found a car accident attorney you like but you’re unsure how long they have been in practice, you can ask how much experience they have with cases like yours. If experience is not clearly stated, ask the prospective attorney. 


2. A Clean Website

A clean website is essential in any good business to draw in clients and ensure all of the information that they need is readily available. Good lawyers invest in websites because they understand how important transparency is. 

A website, at the very least, should have a neat layout with all of the information someone looking for a car accident lawyer would be interested in, like years of experience, success rate, or the practice areas they specialize in. Also, it should be clear to web users where the law firm is located, list an address, and show the contact information.


3. Good Reviews

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84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends or family, and there’s a good reason for it. Online reviews are left by neutral third parties who are giving honest opinions about a service, which can give you a great picture of how reliable a law firm is.

Before hiring a lawyer after a car accident, make sure to Google them and look for these reviews. Other sites like Avvo and Yelp are also good resources to utilize. The reviews should have a good overall rating with comments to reference. Look into the one-star and five-star reviews to see what was done well and what areas the car accident law firm was lacking.

If a lawyer doesn’t have reviews available online that you can find, you can always ask for client references. It’s fine for an attorney to provide these with the permission of their previous clients.


4. An Organized Office

A successful lawyer should have a clean and organized office that gives you a great impression when you walk in. If the lawyer’s office seems disorganized or unclean, then it’s not a great sign for the way they run things — especially if they were aware you were coming in for a consultation. They should also have well-trained staff on hand to help keep the office running smoothly and assist with clients’ needs.


5. Quick Responses

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A good lawyer will be busy with quite a few clients, as they’ll be in demand. However, when hiring a lawyer, they shouldn’t be so busy that they don’t have any time for you at all.

If they take days to get back to you from the start and struggle to follow up in a timely manner, then it may be a sign that this is not a quality car accident law firm. Be understanding of somewhat delayed responses, but understand that if they’re taking too long, they might not be the best law firm for your case.


6. Transparency

You shouldn’t ever feel like your lawyer is hiding something from you. A lawyer should be able to be open about your case and explain things honestly. For instance, an attorney should not make guarantees about how much your case is worth from the initial meeting. An accident must be fully investigated before a legal professional can estimate a case’s value. 

In addition, your lawyer should inform you of any updates or changes to the case, like if the insurance company would rather go to trial instead of settle out of court. Your client-attorney relationship is key to a successful car accident claim outcome. 


7. They’re on Your Side

You need a lawyer you can be comfortable with so that you can be completely honest and disclose all details of your car accident. If you can’t be entirely honest, then they won’t be able to help you. Telling the lawyer about all of the facts in detail can only help your car accident case. They should be professional so that you feel like they’re on your side.


Take Your Time Picking a Car Accident Law Firm

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You need to take your time when picking a car accident law firm. If you rush the process, you could end up regretting it later. Make sure they have good reviews, respond in a timely manner, are professional, and have plenty of experience behind them to back up what they’re saying.

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