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Stay Safe on St. Patrick’s Day: Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

Impaired driving and drunk driving on St Patrick's Day holiday period

St. Patrick’s Day Accidents For many Americans, the month of March brings to mind one very joyous holiday: St. Patrick’s Day. For better or worse, the holiday has become associated with drinking, and traffic crashes with drunk drivers are more common. From 2017 to 2021, 272 lives were lost during the St. Patrick’s Day period […]

San Diego’s Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections

Most dangerous intersections in San Diego

Most Dangerous Roads in San Diego  Known as “America’s Finest City,” San Diego boasts beautiful beaches and world famous attractions like the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. Unfortunately, it is also one of California’s most congested cities. In 2022, the average San Diegan lost 54 hours to traffic.  Deadly traffic accidents are also on the […]

What Is Prop 213 and How Does it Affect California Drivers?

Prop 213 for uninsured drivers

What Is Prop 213?  Despite the fact that car insurance is mandatory in nearly all states, more than 12% of drivers in the U.S. drive without insurance. In California, that percentage sits at 16%. The Golden State has one of the highest numbers of uninsured drivers in the country. As insurance rates rise, auto insurance […]

5 California Crosswalk Laws Everyone Should Know

Right of way when pedestrian crossing a marked crosswalk

California Crosswalk Laws Approaching a crosswalk, whether as a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a driver, requires understanding and respect of traffic laws. If one party fails to respect the law, they put themselves at risk of a dangerous collision. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are becoming too common in Southern California. In 2023, Los Angeles reported 179 […]

Driving from California to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl

North curb lane feb

Driving to Las Vegas for Super Bowl  On Sunday February 11th, 2024, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will go head to head in the Super Bowl LVIII. This will be the first time that Las Vegas hosts the big game. The kickoff is at 3:30 pm local time and 6:30 pm […]

Understanding the Latest California Traffic Laws: What You Need to Know

New CA Driver Laws for 2024

New California Traffic Laws 2024 Whether you live in California or are just visiting, it is important to understand the laws that apply to drivers. In 2023, Governor Gavin Newsom approved several new California traffic laws in 2024. These laws take effect January 1, 2024 unless otherwise stated.   Parking Adjacent to Crosswalks (AB 413) […]

The Deadly Consequences of Reckless Driving

A reckless driver guilty of reckless driving

What Is Reckless Driving?  When people think of reckless driving, they usually imagine high speed car chases that they watch on the news. Also known as dangerous driving or aggressive driving, reckless driving encompasses various risky behaviors on the road. It can take the form of a distraction, such as texting, impaired driving involving alcohol […]

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim Announces Fall 2023 Scholarship Winner

Keenan DePaz

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is thrilled to announce our Fall 2023 Scholarship winner. Keenan DePaz, a freshman at the University of California, Irvine, was selected among hundreds of applicants for his outstanding academic achievements and his creative essay submission.  Keenan’s passion for science and biomedical engineering has earned him many awards and accolades. […]

What Are the Teen Driving Laws in California?

California teen driving laws driving test

California Teen Driving Laws If you are a teen or a parent of a teen, you are probably thinking about learning how to drive. It is a crucial stage in becoming an adult and gaining freedom. However, both teens and family members must be aware of the laws surrounding underage drivers and what is necessary […]

Brake Checking vs. Tailgating: Differences and Consequences

Is brake checking illegal

Is Brake Checking Illegal in California?  Brake checking is illegal not only in California, but in all 50 states. It is a dangerous driving behavior that leads to many rear-end accidents resulting in vehicle damage and serious injuries.  The reason why people brake check is a complicated one. It could be an aggressive driving tactic, […]