Long Beach Uber Accident Lawyer

Long Beach Uber Accident Lawyer


If you are reading the Long Beach Uber Accident Lawyer article then we assume that you have taken an Uber or Lyft before to get somewhere.

Long Beach, like most cities in LA, has a huge user base of people that drive for Uber or hire Uber to get around town.

Riding in an Uber is just as dangerous as driving around in any other car.

If you have been injured in an Uber accident as a passenger or a driver, then you want to get help immediately and protect your legal rights.

Dealing with James River insurance, the insurance company for Uber, can be quie stressful and complicated when you have an injury claim.

Picking the top Long Beach Uber Accident lawyer like Daniel Kim will help you to get the compensation and medical care you deserve!

Why Contact Long Beach Uber Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim

Dealing with an insurance company after an accident is always a headache, but when you deal with the insurance company for Uber it can be much worse.

Daniel Kim and his legal team of Long Beach Rideshare accident attorneys have been helping injured Uber accident victims for a number of years now and we know all the laws.

The biggest mistake you can make is hoping that the insurance company is going to be your best friend and just write you a nice check to pay for all your bills.

Daniel Kim is an experienced Long Beach Uber accident lawyer and he knows how to negotiate with the insurance companies to make sure you get maximum compensation.

We have proudly represented LyftUber Eats, DoorDashPostmates accident victims from all over Southern California for years.

Long Beach Uber accident lawyer Daniel Kim has a 99% client satisfaction rating and our goal is to hit 100%.

You can contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for help.

If you have been injured in an Uber accident (as a passenger, a driver, or a 3rd party driver that was hit by an Uber driver) call our professional Long Beach Uber accident lawyers today for a FREE consultation.

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Other Practice Areas We Handle

Our law firm can help with any injury accident that involves – LyftTruck, Car, Pedestrian, Motorcycle, Bike.

  1. Motorcycle Accidents – Obviously any motorcycle accident can end up very bad, even with a fatality.
  2. Car Accidents – Car accidents happen all the time in Long Beach and some are due to all the drivers on the freeways (405, 710, etc.). Our accident lawyers will can help you relieve your stress and we’ll make sure you get a fair compensation. We also handle Uber and Lyft accident cases here in Long Beach.
  3. Bicycle Accidents – Long Beach has it’s fair share of bike accidents that occur all year long, many of these people are tourists at the beach. Bike accidents can be fatal, don’t fight the insurance company alone.
  4. Commercial Truck Accident -The numbers are staggering for big-rig truck accidents and FedEx trucks, etc. Speeding, distracted driving, and over worked drivers are common causes for truck crashes.
  5. Pedestrian Accident – With so many people walking around Long Beach, it’s no surprise that many injuries occur due to pedestrian accidents.

How Much is My Uber Accident Settlement Worth

Our main focus is to get you on the path to recovery with your health.

All injury settlements take a different amount of time, and in some cases some PI settlements can be taxable.

It is important to keep good track of all your medical bills from your doctors, and insurance papers, etc.

Having all your records and bills will help later with your case once the insurance companies start to put up a fight.

There is no magic calculator where you can enter a few numbers to get a value on your case.

Our law firm will work diligently to make sure we get you every dollar that you deserve for the injuries you suffered.

We will seek compensation on your behalf for stuff like:

  • property damage to your vehicle
  • lost wages from missing hours at work
  • medical bills from ambulance , urgent care, etc.
  • pain and suffering can get compensated

Common Causes For Uber Accidents In Long Beach

In Long Beach, Uber accidents are happening more and more due to the increase of popularity of rideshare drivers on our roads and freeways.

There are a number of possible problems that you can come across over the course of a lawsuit involving Uber and Lyft.

There are many complications that can happen when in an accident involving an Uber.

Determining who is the one responsible for the accident can also be confusing if you are a passenger sitting in the back seat.

Besides, Uber accidents like any other accident can have injuries involved and serious damages.

So, whether you are a passenger or driver and you find yourself in this kind of situation, it is important to have an attorney that understands the legalities.

You will need a Long Beach Uber accident lawyer like Daniel Kim to help, call today.

What causes many Uber accidents in the city of Long Beach –

  • Scanning for passengers (driving and looking to find the passenger)
  • Distractions (receiving new notifications of potential passengers)
  • Reckless driving (cutting in and out of traffic)
  • Lack of sleep (putting in too many hours on the road)
  • Poor weather (in Long Beach heavy rains cause major problems on the roads)
  • Drowsy drivers (working too many hours for Uber)
  • Speeding (always a top cause of car crashes)
  • Stopping on the street (picking up a passenger in an unsafe location)
  • Faulty vehicle (brakes, lights, seat belts etc.)
  • Under the influence (DUI drivers always dangerous)
Rosa Rivas Involved in Pedestrian Accident on Highway 101 [Goleta, CA]

Common Injuries From an Uber Accident

Uber accidents can often lead to many different types of injuries and these can range from minor to serious, and deadly in worst case scenarios.

There are so many factors that can impact what injuries you suffer in a crash, like the health and age of those involved as well as the types of vehicles in the accident.

Fortunately, there are certain insurance policies that can be accessed when a passenger or another driver is injured in an Uber or other type of rideshare accident.

Of course, the severity of your damages and injuries will play a most important role in your settlement so call our outstanding Long Beach Uber Accident Lawyer for a FREE consultation.

Injuries we see every day from Uber accidents in Long Beach:

What To Do After an Uber Accident

Unfortunately, things are not so clear and concise when it comes to legal issues concerning accidents involving ride-sharing companies like Uber.

If you happen to be in an Uber accident there are some important steps you can take in order to ensure your safety and legally protect yourself.

This is a short list of what to do immediately after being involved with an Uber car accident

  • Seek medical attention (take care of your injuries and anyone else’s at the accident)
  • Call the police (get to safety and immediately call 911)
  • Start the paper trail (police report, injury report, emergency room if required)
  • Get information (contact information, Uber information, license plate, car make, model)
  • Take photos or video (on your phone) of the scene, your car, your injuries, etc.
  • Get eyewitness information (all contact info of witnesses)
  • Contact an exceptional Long Beach Uber Accident Lawyer like Daniel Kim for a free consultation!

Long Beach Uber Accident Stats

Accident rates in Long Beach continue to climb year after year.

In 2017, car accidents – including Uber accidents – climbed by more than 25% since 2011.

Long Beach roads continue to be some of the most dangerous in all of California, even for those that choose to take advantage of ridesharing services.

Injuries And Deaths From Uber Accidents In Long Beach 2017

The injury and fatality rates for accidents (including Uber accidents) in Long Beach are a little bit higher than the statewide average.

Almost a thousand people were injured as a direct result of automobile accidents in Long Beach during 2017.

Even worse, 26 people died from car accidents in Long Beach during 2017.

What % Of These Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

Even though the California State government and the local Long Beach authorities have been moving forward with initiatives to curtail instances of driving vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the truth of the matter is that it remains a huge problem for the state.

According to the California DOT, 11% of all fatal automobile accidents (including Uber accidents) are found to have been caused by drivers operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

DUI charges have been increasing year after year for the last five years, growing more than 30% over that stretch of time.

How Many Uber Drivers Are There In California, How Many People Have Uber App On Their Phone

Uber is obviously the most popular of all the ridesharing services out there and people in California just can’t get enough of this company and their service.

There are 385,000 people driving for Uber in California right now.

The company believes this number will grow to north of 500,000 before the end of 2020.

How Much Money Did Uber Make In 2017

According to publicly available information, Uber was able to pull in just slightly more than $37 billion in revenue during 2017.

The revenue figures for this technology company continue to climb higher and higher annually, as they aggressively expand their ridesharing operation not only in the United States but internationally as well.

The average Uber ride in the US costs about $22, with Americans spending almost $4000 each on Uber rides annually.

Bad Intersections In Long Beach For Car Accidents?

With a population that sits at almost half a million residents (making it the seventh most populated city in all of California), this major metropolitan area of Long Beach has its fair share of dangerous intersections that motorists will want to be careful near.

The intersections of Eighth Street and Termino Avenue, East Stearns Street and Palos Verdes Ave., West 27th St. and Daisy Avenue, and the intersection of E. 4th St. and Redondo Avenue are just some of the intersections you want to be very careful around.


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