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Laguna Beach is well known for having a nice and friendly nightlife, which usually involves local residents eating and drinking at the neighborhood bars and restaurants.

This is why Uber is so popular in Laguna Beach for people that want a safe and reliable way to get around town.

Using Uber will definitely help you avoid getting a DUI, but Uber drivers still get in their fair share of car accidents.

An Uber accident can happen at any time, it could be a teenage driver hits you, or a DoorDash driver is in a hurry and runs a stop sign, or it could just be that your Uber driver made a mistake and rear ended the car in front of you.

Many Uber and Lyft drivers now have a dash cam installed in their cars to help in case of a car accident.

Whatever the situation is, if you have been injured in an Uber crash please contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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Do not attempt to fight the insurance companies alone, you’ll regret that decision later when you realize the insurance companies want to deny your injury claim.

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Common Causes For Uber Accidents In Laguna Beach

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are becoming increasingly popular and in demand.

As the number of drivers and riders continue to increase so do the amount of accidents on the city streets and freeways throughout Orange County.

When an Uber vehicle is involved in an accident in Laguna Beach there can be confusion on who is to blame and liable.

Different factors concerning the Uber driver or passenger can lead to the complexity of the accident when filing an insurance claim.

At what stage of the ride the accident happens, injuries, damages and who is at fault will determine liability and the amount of insurance coverage.

These complicated scenarios are the reason why you need an Uber accident lawyer like Daniel Kim to help protect your legal rights as either a passenger or a driver.

This is a list of what causes many Uber crashes in Laguna Beach –

  • Unsafe lane changes (When a rideshare driver is unfamiliar with where they are either picking up or dropping off passengers, improper changing of lanes can occur and lead to accidents.)
  • Speeding (Driving at excessive speed is always dangerous. It is best to drive the speed limit and give yourself plenty of time to be where you need to be in order to not have to rush on the roadways.)
  • Night driving (Uber is a great way to get around if you have been drinking. Driving at night is always more dangerous with less visibility and rideshares are no exception.)
  • Drunk driving (Many accidents in general are drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. The odds increase for these types of accidents during the times when the traffic is busiest.)
  • Tired drivers (This can pertain to any motorist on the road driving exhausted as well as Uber drivers putting in too many hours on the road and being sleepy behind the wheel. Driving tired can lead to dangerous consequences.)
  • Driving distracted (Uber drivers are being constantly distracted by the Uber App that they use on the job. Looking for passengers, pick up locations and drop off points can have a driver multi-tasking at a high rate. Any time a driver is not completely focused on driving the chance of an accident increases.

Common Injuries From an Uber Accident

Injuries from an Uber accident in Laguna Beach can range from minor to severe, not unlike any other type of crash.

No matter what you may think the injuries are, it is best to immediately seek medical attention in order to know the extent.

Sometimes injuries are not apparent right away.

When the adrenaline is high and the body in shock from the crash the pain can be masked.

Often, days later the true injuries will surface.

So, in order to be safe, it is best to have a medical expert check you out and this will also start a trail of documentation which will be extremely helpful in a court of law or in an insurance claim.

Remember, insurance companies will usually do their best to challenge your claims.

This is why you need an Uber accident attorney in Laguna Beach.

Call our law offices today for a Free evaluation.

Below is a list of injuries we see every day from Uber accidents in Laguna Beach:

  • Head and brain (Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can come from skull fractures, concussions and other serious force and impact of the skull. This can lead to headaches, forgetfulness, vision issues and depression. In worst case scenarios brain damage can cause long term care to victims.)
  • Facial (Lacerations, scrapes and cuts to the face are a common injury. Passengers can hit their face on the seat in front of them. Sometimes accidents can cause glass and other objects to fly through the air often leaving cuts, bruises etc. to the face.
  • Neck and Back (Whiplash is the most common neck injury but in more severe instances the neck can be fractured as well as the back and spine. Often ligaments and tendons are strained and leads to prolonged pain and suffering.)
  • Emotional (This can come in many forms. The psychological impact of an accident cannot be understated. If a person is injured with medical bills mounting along with legal and insurance issues the situation can be traumatic and overwhelming. Stress can lead to depression and emotional distress can be devastating)

What To Do After an Uber Accident

One of the best things about Uber and other rideshare is that you can relax and not have to focus on the stress of driving.

In some Uber accidents you may not even know who or what caused the accident especially if you are traveling in the back of the vehicle.

If an accident does unfortunately occur, you need to remember some basic steps.

This is just a short list of what to do immediately after being involved with an Uber car accident –

  • Stay as calm as possible and gather your senses
  • Check yourself for injuries and then the others
  • Get out of harm’s way if possible
  • Call 911 which will get the police to file a report
  • If you feel injured it is best to stay still and wait for help
  • If you feel OK than start the information gathering process
  • Get pictures of the scene, take a lot from all view points
  • Get info on drivers, vehicles witnesses, licenses etc.
  • Get to the hospital or urgent care to check for injuries
  • Contact Daniel Kim Law Offices for Free consultation

Laguna Beach Uber Accident Stats

Plenty of people in Laguna Beach (and the rest of Orange County, for that matter) take advantage of everything that the ridesharing service Uber has to offer every single day.

With this many Uber drivers on the road there are bound to be automobile accidents involving these kinds of ridesharing services, but information specifically related to Uber accidents in Laguna Beach is not yet quite available.

Laguna Beach did have the highest rate of car accidents in Orange County when measured against its population, so it’s a good bet that there were quite a few Uber vehicles that contributed to this ranking.

Injuries and Fatalities From Uber Accidents In Laguna Beach

Again, trying to drill down and distill just how many people were injured after they had been involved in Uber accidents in Laguna Beach during 2017 just isn’t possible yet – only because the data has not been made available fully.

Three people did lose their lives after being involved in automobile accidents in Laguna Beach throughout the year 2017, but none of them were reported to have been using Uber at the time.

% Of These Accident Were Found to Involve Drugs Or Alcohol

Like commercial vehicle drivers you’d expect Uber operators to know better than to get behind the wheel of their vehicle and transport people after they had taken drugs or alcohol, but it happens a lot more frequently than any of us would like it to.

Over the last five years, the California State rate of DUI arrests and charges has grown by almost 30%. On top of that, just over 11% of motorists involved in fatal accidents have been found to have consumed some type of drug.

How Many Uber Drivers in California, How Many People Have Uber Installed On Their Mobile Device

There are more than 300,000+ Uber drivers in the state of California as of 2018, with many experts believing that number is going to hit 500,000+ by the time 2021 rolls around.

Industry experts in the smartphone application world believe that anywhere between 30% and 70% of ALL smartphones in the United States have Uber installed on them already.

How Much Money Did Uber Make In 2017

As a public company we know that the revenue of Uber sat just above $37 billion in 2017 – up 85% compared to the amount of money that the company made in 2016.

Bad Intersections In Laguna Beach For Car Accidents

Some of the worst intersections for car accidents in Laguna Beach include the confluence of the N. Coast Hwy. and Jasmine St., Broadway and the N. Coast Hwy., the S. Coast Hwy. and Park Avenue, as well as the confluence of Temple Terrace and Oak Street.


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