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Huntington Beach might not seem like a city that has a lot of trucking activity, but when you include garbage trucks, semi-trucks, and the other types, there actually is quite a bit of trucks on the roads in HB.

With the 405 right next door obviously 18 wheelers are always close by.

If you are injured in a truck accident then you’ll definitely want to read this article below to get a better understanding of what you’re going to have to deal with.

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Common Types of 18-Wheeler Accidents

Driving on the roads and freeways of Huntington Beach can be extremely dangerous, especially when you mix in 18-wheelers that share the streets.

Truck accidents can be disastrous due to the large size and weight of the vehicle, especially when hitting smaller cars and trucks.

Of course, these large commercial trucking accidents can happen on the freeways, on major commute roads, busy intersections, etc.

It is best to be careful when driving around these trucks as they are hard to maneuver and can’t come to a complete stop immediately.

Always give them and yourself some room in order to avoid these accidents.

If you were injured in an accident described below then contact our truck accident lawyers today.

Some of the most common types of 18-wheeler accidents:

Side swipe – tend to happen when cars are going in opposite directions

Rollover – when a driver loses control, the truck can easily slide and roll over

Under-ride – a smaller vehicle somehow gets under the semi-truck

Head on – this type of crash usually causes fatal injuries or life-long disabilities

Brake failure – can happen anytime and can cause a major accident

Road construction – large trucks can have trouble driving through these areas

Lost load – cargo that isn’t loaded properly can easily come unsecure and fall out

Jackknife – if a trucker has to brake fast it can cause the trailer to skid creating 90-degree angles

Main Reasons For Truck Accidents in Huntington Beach

18-wheelers cause accidents every day in Orange County, and more often than not the damage they cause can be horrific.

There are special laws and regulations in CA that are put in place to safeguard public safety, but accidents still do happen.

These regulations often deal with the size and weight limits of the semi-trucks and the cargo they ship.

Knowing what types of these accidents occur with big rigs on our roads will hopefully help the drivers to avoid these horrific and often life-threatening situations.

Some of the common causes for semi-truck accidents in Huntington Beach are listed below:

  • Overloaded cargo
  • Excessive speed
  • Highway hypnosis
  • Distracted truck driving
  • Driving to close
  • Trucking company negligence
  • Maintenance issues
  • Inclement weather
  • Substance abuse

State law does impose hourly driving limits, but truckers drive many long distances and have unrealistic delivery deadlines to deal with.

Today, manufacturers are trying their best to add components that will make these semi-trucks safer and minimize the risk for accidents.

Common Trucks on Huntington Beach Roads

Nowadays, there are a lot of commercial trucks on the freeways and roads of Huntington Beach, which definitely is the cause of many auto accidents.

But many trucks like town trucks and garbage trucks use side streets and are in residential neighborhoods, near schools, etc.

Anytime a large vehicle like an 18-wheeler or garbage truck is driving near a lot of pedestrians and kids, the danger level goes up immensely.

It is imperative that truck drivers and the rest of the public both need to be careful and follow all traffic laws that apply to pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles.

Below is a list of the more common large trucks that pose a danger to pedestrians and motorists.

Fire trucks – large load and driving with urgency is dangerous

Tanker trucks – these carry liquid or gas and are classified as hazardous

Flatbed truck– often have heavy loads that cause severe damage and injuries if in a crash

Garbage trucks – trash trucks are often in residential areas with kids, pedestrians nearby

Truck Accidents In 2017 In Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach sees a tremendous amount of commercial vehicle traffic on a day to day basis, on top of all the “regular” traffic that flows throughout the city streets, highways, and byways.

More than 3 million vehicles travel along Huntington Beach streets every single day, and of those 3 million vehicles more than 160,000 of them are classified as commercial trucks.

There is no exact data reported for truck accidents in HB, but if even just 10% of those vehicles are involved in automotive accidents on a yearly basis that would mean that 1600 accidents occur on Huntington Beach roads that involved commercial trucks.

Injuries From Truck Accidents In 2017 In Huntington Beach

Injuries involving commercial trucks and standard vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians are always going to have injuries reported.

Commercial trucks are much larger, usually carrying heavy loads, and traveling at significantly faster speeds than most regular vehicles.

In 2017, more than 300 people reported being injured as a direct result of an accident involving commercial trucks in Huntington Beach.

Truck Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is a huge problem on California roads, especially in Huntington Beach.

Of all the accidents reported in 2017 more than 80% of them were found to have been caused by at least some kind of driver inattention.

On top of that, commercial drivers are not immune from using their smart phones while they are behind the wheel of these large vehicles.

More than 75% of California drivers reported they use their smart phones while driving even though they understand it isn’t legal to do so.

Deaths From Truck Accidents In 2017 In Orange County

Thankfully, the amount of deaths stemming from truck related accidents in 2017 across orange county were quite low.

Less than 40 people lost their lives in 2017 as a direct result of being involved in truck related accidents in orange county.

How Many Registered Truck Drivers In California – Commercial Driver’s License

There are more than 30,000 drivers in California that are licensed to have a CDL or Commercial Driver’s License to operate these heavy trucks and equipment.

How Many Hours A Week Can Truck Drivers Drive Legally

Commercial drivers in the state of California are allowed to operate their vehicles for a maximum of 11 hours each day as long as they have had 10 consecutive hours “off duty”.

CDL drivers are also only allowed to drive between 60 hours and 70 hours per week depending on specific criteria and circumstances.


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