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yorba linda car accident lawyer

We all know somebody, or possibly ourselves, that has been injured in a car accident here in Orange County.

Statistics show that the average person will definitely be in a car accident at least once in their lives, but you can always hope it will just be a small accident with minor injuries.

Yorba Linda is a pretty small city here in the OC, but the city has quite a few motor vehicle accidents (like most cities in California).

You could get hit at a stop sign, or hit by a DoorDash driver, or even randomly hit by a tow truck driver, you just never know.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash here in Yorba Linda and suffered injuries, then call us today.

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Why Contact The Law Office of Daniel Kim

Once you are involved in a car accident you can expect the stress level in your life to increase dramatically.

Daniel Kim and his legal staff have been helping motor vehicle accident victims for years, and have recovered hundreds of $$ Millions for the injured.

The problem is always the insurance companies, because the insurance companies are in business strictly to make money.

Once you file an injury claim the insurance company is no longer interested in being your friend, at that point the insurance company is going to do anything they can to deny or at least minimize your accident claim.

What makes Daniel Kim different is that he’s not only a great lawyer, but he’s a very compassionate person who is respected in his community.

We treat every client like our “only client” which isn’t easy when you help thousands of people per year.

More Facts About Daniel Kim

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Common Causes For Car Accidents In Yorba Linda

Cars are a vital part of life in the United States with over 140 million people commuting to work on a daily basis.

With all of these cars on freeways and roads accidents will happen every day and the risk of injury from an accident will also increase.

Yorba Linda has its fair share of drivers and accidents with a multitude of reasons for these unfortunate events.

If you have ever been in a car accident you know the stress that they can cause. If there is an injury even more complex issues are in play.

Always protect your legal rights and contact a car accident lawyer for help when you are dealing with insurance companies.

Contact the Law Offices of Daniel Kim!

Here are some common reasons for car crashes in Yorba Linda –

  • Distracted driving (The are a multitude of reasons why drivers are distracted today. With so many using their phones, talking and texting is a huge problem. Injuries and fatalities occur nationwide every day.  Drivers under 20 years old have the highest rate of these type of accidents. Other major factors of distraction include; music, eating, drinking, smoking and grooming. Stayfocused and keep your eyes on the road.
  • Tired drivers (When drivers are drowsy accidents occur and often injury results. Drivers on long trips with seemingly endless miles can become sleepy and nod off causing a car accident. It is always better to pull over and get some rest before putting yourself and everyone else on the road in harm’s way.
  • Speeding (More than 25 percent of all traffic accident deaths happen to be due to driving at excessive speeds. We all are aware of the dangers of driving fast and the obvious destruction it can result in. Driving reckless or DUI at high speeds is a bad combination and must be avoided at all times.
  • Drunk driving (Driving while intoxicated remains one of the leading causes of car accidents. Slow reflexes from the alcohol and risky decisions make for a dangerous combination. Statistics show that repeat offenders account for about a third of the DUI arrests. Take an Uber or have a designated driver. Never drive impaired.
  • Weather conditions (In California drivers are often spoiled by such beautiful weather most of the time. When there is inclement weather like rain, conditions can become very dangerous. Roads become very slick when the water comes in contact with the oil build up on the freeways and city streets. Because these weather conditions don’t happen all the time drivers can become reckless and serious car accidents can occur.
  • Rear-end accidents – this is the most common and can happen at a red light, stop sign, on the freeway, or anywhere else that traffic slows down and drivers don’t stop in time.
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Common Injuries From a Car Accident

Injuries can vary widely from each individual car accident. Some may be minor but all too often serious injury does occur.

The rate of speed, size of the vehicles, airbags, seatbelts and impact area will be determining factors in the severity of these crashes.

In a common fender bender, you are lucky to get a little whiplash or soreness from tensing up, but if you are unlucky the injuries sustained can require surgery, rehabilitation and may change the course of one’s life.

If you are injured in a car accident it’s very important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Ideally you want to go from the scene of the accident to the emergency room or visit a doctor in order to prove your injuries.

Even if you think you are feeling fine go see a doctor because often the injuries are not felt at the time, but days later.

This is equally important if you decide to file a claim with the insurance companies.

Don’t hesitate, call The Law Offices of Daniel Kim today for your Free consultation.

Below is a list of injuries we see every day from motor vehicle accidents in Yorba Linda:

  • Whiplash (general neck pain and swelling)
  • Torn ACL (torn ligaments in knee area)
  • Ribs (impact can hit the rib cage causing fractures)
  • Head (Traumatic Brain Injury, concussions to brain damage
  • Back (spine injuries are always dangerous; fractures and paralysis can occur)
  • Heart problems (cardiac arrest from the trauma or puncture wound)
  • Emotional stress (can cause PTSD and be very debilitating

Yorba Linda Car Accidents

Even though Yorba Linda is a very popular city in Orange County for tourism and business, the relatively small population here does help to keep the highways and byways of this community relatively free of the traffic and car accident issues that plague much of Southern California.

Thanks to that, Yorba Linda car accident rates are significantly lower than what you’d expect to find throughout the rest of the community.

Fewer than 300 car accidents were reported in Yorba Linda during 2017.

How Many Injuries And Deaths From Car Accidents In Yorba Linda 2017?

Anytime you are talking about a motor vehicle accident of the potential for significant injury or even fatalities are quite high.

This is what makes the low rate of automobile accident fatalities in Yorba Linda during 2017 so surprising.

Any loss of life is unfortunate and regrettable, particularly when it’s caused during a motor vehicle accident.

One person lost their life in a motor vehicle accident during 2017 in Yorba Linda.

Injury rates were a little bit higher, with about 80% of all motor vehicle accidents in Yorba Linda reporting at least a single injury as a direct result of the incident.

What % Of These Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol?

California has recognized that they have a major problem with individuals driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A number of statewide initiatives have been put forward to reduce these kinds of activities, but the reception has been a little bit mixed and the results certainly aren’t where the state wants them to be.

DUI arrest rates are up 30% over the last half decade and continues to climb year after year.

Individuals also continue to drive their vehicles while under the influence of drugs, with 11% of all fatal accidents in the state of California linked to this kind of behavior.

What Is Population In Yorba Linda, How Many Registered Drivers Over 18 Years Old?

The latest available population data for Yorba Linda has 68,229 individuals living within the city limits (as of 2017).

More than 75% of the population is 18 years of age or older, and the overwhelming majority of those adults have their driver’s license in Yorba Linda today.

Bad Intersections In Yorba Linda For Car Accidents?

Like any other city of a considerable size, Yorba Linda certainly has its fair share of dangerous intersections motorists will want to try and avoid.

These intersections include, but are not limited to:

  • Yorba Ranch Road and Yorba Linda Boulevard
  • Yorba Linda Boulevard and Interstate 90
  • Kellogg Drive and Mountain View Avenue


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