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Also known as the “media capital of the world,” Burbank is a major city in the Greater Los Angeles area. It is located approximately 12 miles northwest of downtown LA and just over the hill from Hollywood.

Burbank has a population of about 105,000 people, with tens of thousands more commuting through Burbank on its various freeways and major roads every single day.

Any time there are a lot of people and a lot of cars there are bound to be an increase in car accidents, and Burbank is no exception.

Driving safely, staying alert, and following traffic laws will always help decrease your chances of being in a car accident, but unfortunately accidents still happen.

If you are injured in a car accident in Burbank, contact us at The Law Office of Daniel Kim today for a Free consultation.

Why Contact The Law Office of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney who has been helping the good people of Burbank California for many years.

Daniel and his staff know that every accident is unique and will cater to your specific needs.

Our office only handles motor vehicle accidents.

Our knowledge is extensive and our expertise laser targeted.

We know exactly how to get you the best medical help and how to build your case correctly to fight the insurance companies.

Facts about Daniel Kim at a glance:

We have well over 1000 positive reviews from former clients on Yelp, Google and Facebook.

We treat all clients with compassion, dignity and respect.

We deal with all the insurance companies, even Uber and Lyft accidents.

We are contactable 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

We don’t charge any fees unless we win your case.

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How Much Is My Car Accident Settlement Worth

Just as every car accident is different, every personal injury case settlement is different also.

Unfortunately there is no real way to calculate how much your case is worth, especially in the beginning.

There are a ton of factors that help determine settlement amounts, and you can rest assured that we will not settle with any insurance company just to get a quick payday on a lowball offer.

After being injured in a car accident whether it is minor or major, many injury victims are shocked when the financial aftermath sets in.

Ambulance billsemergency room and hospital bills, follow-up doctor visits and loss of wages due to injuries sustained in a car accident can add up quickly and cause major financial stress in a household.

At The Law Office of Daniel Kim, our primary goal is to make sure you receive the best medical treatment available and are on a solid path to recovery as soon as possible.

After that, our focus is making sure you are compensated the maximum amount for your injuries and damages.

Daniel Kim is an aggressive personal injury attorney and an expert negotiator.

We will fight for you and your family to make sure you are made whole after this terrible ordeal.

Some of the damages that could relate to compensation include:

Medical bills – ER, hospital stays, medical tests and treatments, etc.

Loss of wages – from the time you have off work due to recovering from car accident injuries.

Pain and suffering – related to both the physical and mental anguish sustained as a result of your car accident.

Future medical care – for ongoing follow-up medical treatment and care as needed and prescribed by your doctors and medical team.


Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Having to deal with insurance companies is never fun.

Even just calling your agent or representative with questions about your existing policy or bill can be a major headache.

So now imagine what it is like when you are trying to get them to accept responsibility and pay you justly for a car accident you are in?!

You have to be very careful when you speak to any insurance company rep after you have been in a car accident as they can and will use your words against you.

Insurance adjusters are highly trained to try and make things as difficult for you as possible, and to get you to agree to a minimal amount to settle the case and make it go away.

All these insurance companies like Allstate, Farmers, and Geico have their own way of determining fault for an accident and value of a claim.

Avoid all this frustration today and call Daniel Kim for a free consultation and solid advice.

We are here to help and will fight the insurance companies on your behalf.

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Common Causes For Car Accidents In Burbank

Burbank is a very busy city with a huge variety businesses that bring people to and from the area every day.

On top of that, major Freeways like Interstate 5 and CA-134 carry tens of thousands of people through the city on their daily commute.

As we’ve said, all car accidents are unique and can happen for a variety of reasons.

Even if they seem the same from speeding or a DUI, the circumstances may be similar but the end result is anything but.

Here are some of the common reasons the car crashes in Burbank:

Speeding – the most common cause of all fatal accidents in the United States.

Distracted driving – texting, looking at GPS or social media and other distractions are a leading cause of all road accidents and that number is growing.

Running a stop sign or red light – often drivers in a hurry or being careless will not see a stop coming, especially if they are already distracted.

Drunk driving – DUI and DWI accidents are sadly still a leading cause of road fatalities, even with the rise in popularity of Rideshare app services such as Uber and Lyft.

Bad weather – rain and fog can be a major contributing factor in car accident causes, especially in Southern California where rain is rare, making the roads very slippery during storms.

Fatigued drivers – driving whilst tired or even completely exhausted is never a good idea and can lead to major accidents.

Reckless driving – many crashes are caused by overly aggressive drivers, particularly with younger drivers.

Car malfunctions – faulty brakes and tire blow outs are a regularly reported cause of car crashes.


Common Injuries From a Car Accident

First things first – if you are involved in a car accident in Burbank, it is vital that you seek medical treatment immediately.

Ideally you would want to be transported from the scene of the accident to the hospital or ER in order to get medical help. This will also help your claim and case in the long run.

The longer you delay medical treatment, the more difficult it will be to both get on the road to recovery AND also prove the seriousness of your injuries to the insurance companies.

There are a variety of factors that can impact what injuries you may sustain when involved in a car accident.

Things like how fast the car was going, whether seatbelts were being worn, did the airbag go off, the type and size of the vehicles (compact car, Uber, SUV or Amazon delivery van etc) will all play a role.

List of the most common injuries we see from car accidents in Burbank:

If you suffer these or any other injuries as a result of a Burbank car accident, call The Law Office of Daniel Kim today for Burbank Car Accident Lawyer

Burbank California Car Accident Statistics

A report released in 2014 by the California Office of Traffic Safety showed that there were 979 injury or fatality car accidents in Burbank that year.

Of that number, about 800 involved only motor vehicles, making it one of the highest-ranking for similarly sized cities in the state.

The most common reported causes of these 979 accidents in 2014 include driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, and driving at night.

According to the same 2014 report, there were 431 DUI arrests that year, and while DUI arrests are less common in Burbank than many other Los Angeles neighborhoods, they are still a problem.

Bad Roads And Intersections in Burbank Car Accident

Burbank is made up mainly of two distinct areas – the downtown/foothill section, and the flatland section.

The downtown area has many popular shops and restaurants, with roads like Magnolia Blvd, San Fernando Rd, Burbank Blvd, and anywhere near the Burbank Town Center and Empire Center Malls and Shopping area being hot spots for car accidents.

The flatland section which is a mix of residential and commercial areas, the Hollywood Burbank Airport, and the movie studios also has some notorious streets for car crashes such as-

N. Hollywood Way, Victory Blvd, Olive Ave, Alameda Ave and both the 134 and I-5 Freeways, especially around on ramps and the ongoing road construction.

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