The 2023 Law Offices of Daniel Kim – Fall Scholarship

Change begins with investing back in the young individuals who will be the entrepreneurs, business owners, and community leaders of the future. Injury victims in search of the best Orange County or Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can expect Daniel Kim to be one of those exemplary legal professionals to help protect their rights to recover their losses. The Law Offices of Daniel Kim specializes in representing victims of motor vehicle accidents and fights to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

We have seen many of our clients, whose lives were impacted by an accident, recover and go on to lead lives of change in their communities. This has inspired us to assist local students and help them achieve their goals with The Law Offices of Daniel Kim Scholarship. The $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to one qualified student who is currently attending or is planning to attend college or graduate school.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim Fall 2023 Scholarship

How to Qualify

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled or accepted to a university or college for the Fall 2023 school year
  • In good academic standing with the current institution with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Be a US citizen

Steps to Apply for the Fall 2023 Scholarship

  • Write an original essay of at least 1,100 words or more, and label the submission with your first and last name.
  • Complete the online scholarship application and submit all required documents in PDF format: the essay, school transcript, and a college acceptance or welcome letter.

The application must be submitted by 5:00 PM PST, on December 15th, 2023. The winner will be announced on December 31st, 2023 via email.

Scholarship Essay Prompt

You have been given the opportunity to fill a time capsule with any items of your choosing, knowing that the vessel will be opened by someone in the future. With the intent to leave behind an important and everlasting impression on future generations, list all of the items that you would place in the time capsule and why?

Additional Scholarship Details

Our review board will review each application and list the winner on this page after the deadline date.

If selected, we require a photo release to promote the winner on our law firm’s website and social media platforms. We also require a completed W9 form, as the financial award is distributed in a check format and addressed only under the scholarship recipient’s name.

Note, we will never share your information with a 3rd party or request sensitive data such as credit card information. There is no fee to participate in our 2023 Fall Scholarship Program. For questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your submissions.

Scholarship Application


  • We will not share your information with a 3rd party.
  • We will never ask for any sensitive data including bank details and credit card numbers.
  • No fee is required to participate in the scholarship program.
  • The scholarship award must be used on tuition, housing, or supplies related to schooling.
  • Contact us if you have any questions: [email protected]

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim’s 2023 Spring Scholarship Winner

LODK Scholarship Winner
Spring 2023 Scholarship Recipient, Emily Ash

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is proud to present Emily Ash as the recipient of our 2023 Spring Scholarship. Miss Ash is an undergraduate student who is pursuing a degree in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at California State University, East Bay.

Miss Ash impressed us with her essay submission, in which she shared a personal story of how she survived a severe car accident caused by a distracted driver. Despite the challenges she faced, she did not give up on her dreams and became a leader in her community through her high school’s wrestling team.

We are honored to support Miss Emily Ash in her academic journey and we look forward to seeing her achieve great things in the future.