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Sheman Oaks is a peaceful city located in the Valley, just north of Beverly Hills.

The weather is usually nice and this attracts many local residents who prefer to ride a bike to work, the gym, etc.

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Common Causes Of Bike Accidents In Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is known for great weather and has a large number of bicyclists on the streets and paths throughout the city.

Bike riding has gained in popularity in the US due to the increase in gas prices, traffic and for those trying to lessen their carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly.

The reasons vary as to why bike accidents occur but when they do a rider can be thrown from their bike and left with a wide range of injury.

When injuries due occur they can be minor, serious and even fatal.

Quite often if the accident occurs with a motorist on the road the driver of the vehicle is usually at fault.

Obviously, there are times when the bicyclist themselves are at fault for a mishap, but no matter who is at fault, anytime a car hits a bike rider it’s a bad situation.

Below is a list of common reasons for a bike accident in Sherman Oaks:

  • Inattentive riding – Just as car drivers are being distracted more and more each day so is the bicycle rider. It is important to always stay focused on the road and keep from using your phones, talking, texting or using earplugs. Any time you take your eyes off the road a dangerous situation can occur.
  • Driving too fast – Anytime there are excessive speeds the chance of an accident increases. The damage and injury in an accident also increases when motorists are driving too fast. It is best to drive at the safe speed in order to have a better chance at avoiding an accident if a hazardous situation occurs.
  • Roadway defects – Streets that have potholes, dangerous cracks or bumps in the road can be dangerous to both the rider and the driver. Both may be affected in a bad way by having to swerve to avoid the hazard. A tire may have a blowout leading to loss control of the vehicle or bike as well.
  • Car dooring – When a person opens their door into the lane without looking can be extremely damaging to a bicyclist traveling along. Bike riders must always pay attention to the cars on the right-hand side of them while traveling along the streets of Sherman Oaks. If they hit the car door, they can fly off their bike and be injured very badly.
  • Driveways, parking lots and sidewalks – These tend to be more narrowed than streets so there can be less of a chance to avoid a crash and a higher risk of an accident happening. It is important that while riding in these areas more caution is needed in order to avoid incident. Never assume a vehicle sees you in these situations.
Alex Herrera Killed in Bicycle Accident on Highway 74 [Menifee, CA]

How Bicycle Riders Can Be Safe and Avoid Accidents

It is always important for a bicyclist in Sherman Oaks to take all the precautions in trying to avoid any type of these accident.

As a bike rider there is an inherent risk for a disastrous event when sharing the streets with larger faster and heavier vehicles.

A bicyclist is highly vulnerable because of the lack of protection the rider has, but there are some steps that bicycle riders can take to avoid an accident and serious injuries.

  • Ride with the traffic – Riders should always ride with the flow of traffic, never in opposition to the other vehicles.
  • Wear a helmet – This should be worn at all times and is the best way to help avoid head trauma injuries.
  • Using lights – It is actually against the law to ride around without lights and reflectors on your bike, but more importantly it’s very unsafe.
  • Protective wear – Any type of padded clothes is helpful when in an accident. Gloves as well as protective eye wear can also be great safety items.
  • Keep a safe distance – This is a way to help avoid an accident. When cars brake quickly or change lanes accidents can be avoided if a safe distance between the vehicle is kept.
  • Bright colors – It is helpful to let the other motorists see you when on the streets of Sherman Oaks. Clothing that is bright and reflective make it much safer for the rider especially at night.
  • Hand signals – When making turns or changing direction a rider should always use hand signals. This will allow the motorist to know what your intentions are on the road and make for a safer ride.
  • Proper Maintenance – Always check your bike to make sure it is in proper order before going on a ride. Handle bars, seats, brakes, lights etc. need to be checked before getting on and going.
  • Keep both hands ready to brake – This is a must and a bicyclist should always be ready to slow down or stop if necessary. Braking can often save a rider from a disastrous event.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident, it’s important speak with an experienced bicycle injury lawyer to help protect your legal rights and take the important steps needed to pursue a personal injury claim.

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Sherman Oaks Bicycle Accident Stats

It should come as no surprise to anyone that people throughout Sherman Oaks (and the rest of Los Angeles, for that matter) take every opportunity they can to ride their bicycles throughout this incredible community.

The weather in Los Angeles is picture-perfect 99% of the year, giving individuals opportunity to not only ride bicycles recreationally throughout communities like Sherman Oaks but also giving them an opportunity to choose cycling as their commuting method as well.

With all of these bicycles on Sherman Oaks roads, however, the potential for accidents is dramatically increased. Hundreds of bicycle accidents are reported in Sherman Oaks every year and thousands are reported throughout the rest of the LA metropolitan area.

How Many Injuries/Fatalities Were A Result Of Bike Accidents In Sherman Oaks 2017?

According to the most recently available statistics for 2017, the number of cyclists in the Los Angeles major metropolitan area that were either injured or killed as a result of accidents was right around 2100 (with the overwhelming majority of those being injuries as opposed to fatalities).

What Percentage Of These Bike Accident Involved Alcohol/Drugs?

Traffic accidents involving automobiles and bicycles in the state of California are just as likely to be caused by individuals driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol as any other traffic accident involving Californians.

We have seen a 30% increase in DUI arrest rates over the last five years statewide, with 11% of traffic related being linked directly to individuals that have consumed some type of drug before getting behind the wheel.

Most Dangerous Intersections In Sherman Oaks For Bicycle Accidents?

There are a couple of intersections in Sherman Oaks that are more dangerous than others when it comes to riding a bicycle, particularly those that intersect more residential communities and neighborhoods with those that have higher instances of commercial traffic.

Below are some of the most dangerous intersections you’ll want to be particularly careful around when you are riding your bicycle.

  • Kester Avenue and Weddington Street
  • Kester Avenue and Clark Street
  • Riverside Drive and Van Nuys Boulevard
  • Burbank Boulevard and Fulton Avenue
  • Magnolia Boulevard and Van Nuys Boulevard

What Percentage Of Bike Accidents Involved Distracted Drivers?

According to the California Department of Transportation nearly 80% of all motor vehicle accidents – including those involving cyclists – can be linked back to some form of driver inattention.

On top of that, more than 80% of California drivers report that they use their cell phone or are otherwise distracted by their mobile device when they are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle even though they understand it is against the law and highly dangerous.


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