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If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident here in Santa Monica then call us for help.

The steps you take immediately after a car accident can have a big impact on what type of compensation you might get when the case settles.

Santa Monica has a population around 90,000 people, and the area is known for it’s beautiful beaches and friendly people, not to mention the Promenade for shopping.

The city gets a lot of year-round tourists because of the sunny weather and proximity to Los Angeles.

If you need to get answers regarding an auto accident you were injured in then call for a FREE consultation.

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Why Contact Law Offices of Daniel Kim

If you are injured in a car accident in Santa Monica be prepared to be in for a fight with the opposing insurance companies.

Daniel Kim is a top injury lawyer in Los Angeles (and all of Orange County) that is well versed in helping accident victims seek compensation.

Daniel and his legal team are very experienced when it comes to motor vehicle accident injuries, and we won’t be intimidated by the corporate insurance companies who are just worried about their quarterly profits.

We have an A+ rating at the BBB, and we have over 1000 client reviews on Yelp and Google.

What really makes Daniel Kim different is that he is truly compassionate and will talk with you on the phone to explain how everything works.

More Facts About Daniel Kim

  • We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Daniel will help you get proper medical treatment
  • Call us for a FREE consultation
  • You will speak to an actual attorney, not an assistant
  • We have won hundreds of millions $ for our clients

Dealing With The Santa Monica Insurance Companies

After suffering injuries in a motor vehicle accident you can count on the insurance companies to start calling you.

If a driver hit you, then his auto insurance company could be liable so they will want to speak to you and get a statement, etc.

Be very careful about talking to an insurance company or signing anything, instead your best bet is to contact a Santa Monica accident lawyer as soon as you get out of the hospital.

The insurance companies have their own way of determining fault in an accident, and the games they play with settlement amounts can definitely extend how long the settlement can take.

In the end the insurance company is not going to be your friend, so don’t just sit back and wait for them to help you.

If you take that approach we guarantee you’ll regret your decision.

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Types of Accidents We Can Help With

Car – this type of crash happens all too often here in Santa Monica. It could be you got hit by an Uber driver on the 10 freeway, or possibly a UPS driver hit you on Venice Blvd. near Santa Monica, CA.

Uber – Uber is very popular for people that go out drinking and don’t want a DUI, and also in cities like Santa Monica where parking is hard Uber is a great option.

Bike – so many residents and tourists ride bikes daily in Santa Monica. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident contact us today.

Pedestrian – typically these accidents involving somebody walking and getting hit by a car end in serious injury or death.

Motorcycle – motorcycles are all over Santa Monica and most beach towns. if you suffered a motorcycle injury at the hands of another driver then call us today.

Truck -you won’t see big 18-wheelers all over the roads, but you will see tow trucks, moving trucks, UPS trucks, etc., and all of these pose a real danger to any smaller vehicles.


What Does an Injury Lawyer Do

Many accident victims don’t really understand what a personal injury lawyer can do for them.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim has helped thousands of injury victims over the years and this has allowed us to perfect the process that we use when fighting the insurance companies.

Below we talk about what we can do to help –

Free Consultation – we offer a free consultation so we can discuss your case and get details, and answer any questions you have.

This consultation allows us to better explain how the legal process works and what you need to worry about.

Launch an Investigation – it’s very important for your lawyer to do a deep investigation into your accident. This includes – reviewing the police report, speaking to witnesses, looking at photo and video evidence, etc.

Help you get medical care – getting medical treatment is very important. If you don’t get medical attention then the insurance companies will attempt to deny your claim saying you weren’t ‘really hurt”. Also you need medical care because recovering from a car accident takes time and professional help.

Negotiating The Settlement – dealing with the Santa Monica insurance companies is literally a nightmare, but we are great at what we do and we are not intimidated by the Big Corporate insurance companies. Do not fight this battle alone, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

The reality is that insurance companies love to deal with accident victims who choose to represent themselves. This is because they know the people who don’t have a lawyer are much more likely to make a mistake, or accept a tiny settlement.


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