Woman Killed in DUI Accident on Walnut Avenue at Kinross Road [Carmichael, CA]

Woman Killed in DUI Accident on Walnut Avenue at Kinross Road [Carmichael, CA]
Woman Killed in DUI Accident on Walnut Avenue at Kinross Road [Carmichael, CA]

DUI Driver Involved in Fatal Accident on Walnut Avenue at Kinross Road in Carmichael

CARMICHAEL, CA (January 5, 2022) – Police confirmed that a woman died in a DUI accident on Walnut Avenue on December 20.
According to California Highway Patrol, the accident happened at Kinross Road around 5:30 PM.
Based on a report, the victim was driving an unidentified vehicle at the time of the crash. Due to unknown reasons, her vehicle collided with another car head-on.
As a result, the woman died in the incident. Officials only identified her as a 38-year-old resident from Carmichael. Her three sons who were with her in the car suffered major injuries. In addition, the driver of the second car also sustained severe injuries but is now in stable condition.
Authorities believed the woman who died was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. At this point, an investigation into the case is ongoing.
Do not drink before driving. In addition, always consider the movements of other vehicles around you to prevent a crash. Also, do not commit speeding and distracted driving.

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