Woman Injured in Carjacking Accident on East Ramsey Street [Banning, CA]

Woman Injured in Carjacking Accident on East Ramsey Street [Banning, CA]
Woman Injured in Carjacking Accident on East Ramsey Street [Banning, CA]

Carjacking Leads to Accident on East Ramsey Street in Banning

BANNING, CA (June 1, 2021) – Officers confirmed that a woman was hurt in a carjacking accident in the 800 block of East Ramsey Street on May 25.
According to the California Highway Patrol, the collision happened near Hargrave Street just before 1:00 AM.
Based on a report, a woman got out of her car with the engine running. Then, she entered the gas station. However, when she came out of the station, an unidentified man was already in her car. Subsequently, the man struck the woman as he drove away.
As a result, the woman suffered minor injuries in the incident.
Officers later found the car but the suspect is still on the loose. As of now, Banning Police officers are looking for the suspect in this carjacking accident on East Ramsey Street. In addition, they ask anyone with information to call Banning Police.
Avoid speeding as it often leads to a severe accident. In addition, do not tailgate other vehicles and keep your distance from other drivers around you. Lastly, always manage your speed and follow road regulations.

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