Two Severely Injured in Car Accident on Millerton Road [Friant, CA]

Two Severely Injured in Car Accident on Millerton Road [Friant, CA]
Two Severely Injured in Car Accident on Millerton Road [Friant, CA]

Car Hits Large Rock in Accident on Millerton Road in Friant

FRIANT, CA (March 18, 2021) – Two people suffered severe injuries in a car accident on Millerton Road on March 16.
According to the California Highway Patrol, the collision happened between Friant and Auberry.
Based on a report, a vehicle veered off the road while traveling on Millerton. Subsequently, it hit a large rock on the road.
As a result, the wreckage trapped a man and woman inside the vehicle. Fire crews had to cut the doors off the vehicle to get to the victims. Officials said both were not wearing a seat belt and suffered major injuries in the incident. Crews airlifted the woman to Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno.
Investigators did not yet determine the cause of this accident on Millerton Road. At this point, officers are looking at some drug paraphernalia found in the vehicle.
Be careful and avoid distractions in curves and intersections to avoid a car accident. In addition, always manage your speed and follow road regulations to avoid getting into any accidents.

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