Three Teens Injured in Car Accident on Avenue 300 [Exeter, CA]

Three Teens Injured in Car Accident on Avenue 300 [Exeter, CA]
Three Teens Injured in Car Accident on Avenue 300 [Exeter, CA]

Teenagers Injured in Car Crash on Avenue 300 in Exeter

EXETER, CA (July 26, 2021) — Three teenagers sustained injuries in a car accident on Avenue 300 at around 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 20.
According to California Highway Patrol officers, the teens’ car went off the road and struck a chemical container. The incident spilled 1,600 gallons of fluid.
Emergency responders rushed the three to Kaweah Health Medical Center in Visalia with minor to moderate injuries.
The CHP determined that speed and alcohol may have contributed to the incident.
Authorities believe the spilled liquid was a petroleum-based product used for weed control. Officials decontaminated the area.
The fire department handled the spill. At the same time, the highway patrol handled the investigation, said CHP Sgt. Manuel Peregrina.
Crews dug up several rows of trees and excavated the contaminated soil.
Authorities determined the area was safe the next day.
When you are driving, make sure to pay attention to your surroundings and look out for other vehicles. Avoid distractions while you’re behind the wheel and follow traffic rules. By driving safely, you can prevent dangerous accidents on the road.

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