Rylee Munsel Killed in Multi-Vehicle Accident on Highway 99 [Fresno, CA]

Rylee Munsel Killed in Multi-Vehicle Accident on Highway 99 [Fresno, CA]
Rylee Munsel Killed in Multi-Vehicle Accident on Highway 99 [Fresno, CA]

Multi-Vehicle Accident on Highway 99 in Fresno Injures Family of Five, Including Three Children

FRESNO, CA (April 5, 2022)Rylee Munsel died weeks after a multi-vehicle accident on Highway 99 in west central Fresno Friday afternoon.
The accident happened around 5:00 p.m. on April 1, just north of Clinton Avenue. According to the California Highway Patrol, a driver of a Dodge truck did not notice that the two vehicles in front of him had either drastically slowed down or even stopped because of rush hour traffic, and crashed into them. After hitting those cars, the Dodge rear-ended a Toyota Corolla carrying a family of five.
As a result, two of the three children in the backseat of the Corolla were critically injured and the third child suffered major injuries.
In addition, the parents in the front seats of the Corolla suffered major to moderate injuries.
Paramedics took all five patients to Fresno Community Regional Medical Center for treatment.
Meanwhile, the driver of the Dodge had minor injuries. The other two drivers were unharmed.
Munsel, 11-year-old from Tuolumne, died at the hospital on April 19.
At this time, CHP officials are still investigating the accident.
When you are driving, avoid distractions that could easily lead to dangerous collisions. Always check your blind spots and observe turn signals. By practicing safe driving habits, you can help keep yourself and others around you safe.

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