Pilot Injured in Plane Crash on Miracle Drive [Placer County, CA]

Pilot Injured in Plane Crash on Miracle Drive [Placer County, CA]
Pilot Injured in Plane Crash on Miracle Drive [Placer County, CA]

Plane Crashes into House on Miracle Drive in Placer County

PLACER COUNTY, CA (December 31, 2021) – Police confirmed that a pilot suffered injuries in a plane crash on Miracle Drive on December 22.
According to California Highway Patrol, the collision happened at approximately 4:20 PM.
Based on a report, a plane crashed into a house while residents were in it. Photos of the scene showed plane wreckage on top of the house.
As a result, the pilot, who was the sole occupant of the plane, sustained injuries in the crash. Emergency crews transported the victim to the hospital for treatment. The extent of the pilot’s injuries was not known.
Fortunately, the residents of the home were not hurt in the incident.
At this point, an investigation into the case is ongoing. In addition no other details are available.
No matter what vehicle you drive, always follow safety precautions to prevent a crash. Also, be alert and aware of your surrounding in an event of a possible plane crash in the area.

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