Person Trapped After Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 44 [Shingletown, CA]

Person Trapped After Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 44 [Shingletown, CA]
Person Trapped After Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 44 [Shingletown, CA]

At Least One Person Injured in Shingletown Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 44

SHINGLETOWN, CA (June 03, 2021) — A multi-vehicle crash on Highway 44 Tuesday afternoon left one person trapped inside a vehicle.
The crash, which involved three vehicles, occurred past 1:30 p.m. The California Highway Patrol reported that one of the vehicles was a big rig.
As a result of the crash, the big rig overturned, leaving one lane of the highway blocked west of Shingletown.
Meantime, based on reports, firefighters had to extricate one person trapped in one of the vehicles involved. It was not clear, however, whether the person had to be transported to a hospital.
At this time, the cause and circumstances leading up to the crash remain under investigation.
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