One Injured in Three-Car Crash on Ashlan Avenue [Fresno, CA]

One Injured in Three-Car Crash on Ashlan Avenue [Fresno, CA]
One Injured in Three-Car Crash on Ashlan Avenue [Fresno, CA]

One Hurt in Three-Car Crash on Ashlan Avenue and Clovis Avenue

FRESNO, CA (April 14, 2021) — One person suffered injuries following a three-car crash on Ashlan Avenue on Monday, April 12.
According to the Clovis Police, the accident occurred at about 7 a.m. near Ashlan Avenue and Clovis Avenue.
Officers and medical responders rushed to the scene of the incident. They reported that one person complained of pain.
There are no reports yet about the cause and the events surrounding the crash.
Authorities closed northbound Clovis Avenue as they cleared the area and conducted an on-scene investigation.
No other information is available.
When you are driving, make sure to pay attention to your surroundings and look out for other vehicles. Avoid distractions while you’re behind the wheel and follow traffic rules. By driving safely, you can prevent dangerous accidents on the road.

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