One Injured in Rollover Crash on De Soto Avenue [Chatsworth, CA]

One Injured in Rollover Crash on De Soto Avenue [Chatsworth, CA]
One Injured in Rollover Crash on De Soto Avenue [Chatsworth, CA]

Rollover Crash in Chatsworth: One Trapped, Fire Hydrant Sheared

CHATSWORTH, CA (December 2, 2023) — A rollover crash on De Soto Avenue in Chatsworth left one person trapped, sheared a fire hydrant, and knocked over a light pole on Sunday.
The Los Angeles Police Department is actively investigating the cause of the crash, which occurred shortly before 1 p.m. at 10300 N. De Soto Avenue.
According to Los Angeles fire officials, firefighters conducted an auto extrication to safely remove one patient from a vehicle. Medical personnel subsequently took the injured patient to a hospital in an unknown condition.
In addition to the immediate response for the injured individual, crews from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power responded to the scene. This is to address the downed light pole.
Whether speed or alcohol played a role in the crash remains unknown. However, further investigation is underway.
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