One Injured in Multi-Car Crash on Highway 86 at 81st Avenue [Thermal, CA]

One Injured in Multi-Car Crash on Highway 86 at 81st Avenue [Thermal, CA]
One Injured in Multi-Car Crash on Highway 86 at 81st Avenue [Thermal, CA]

Three Cars Involved in Thermal Car Crash on Highway 86

THERMAL, CA (February 3, 2021) – One person suffered injuries in a multi-car crash on Highway 86 on January 26.
According to the California Highway Patrol, the collision happened at 81st Avenue at approximately 8:10 PM.
Based on a report, three vehicles collided in the lanes. Consequently, responders said that one vehicle ended off the roadway. However, officials did not release the details that led to the incident.
As a result, the crash ejected one person from one of the cars. The victim sustained injuries in the incident. Subsequently, emergency crews arrived and transported the patient to the hospital for treatment.
At this point, no other details about this accident on Highway 86 are available. However, an investigation into the case is ongoing.
Speeding and tailgating often lead to dangerous a multi-car accident. Do not commit such mistakes to remain safe when you are driving. However, always follow speed limits and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Above all, follow all regulations at all times.

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