Motorcyclist Hospitalized After Collision on 210 Freeway [Duarte, CA]

Motorcyclist Hospitalized After Collision on 210 Freeway [Duarte, CA]
Motorcyclist Hospitalized After Collision on 210 Freeway [Duarte, CA]

One Hurt in Two Separate Collisions on 210 Freeway in Duarte

DUARTE, CA (January 17, 2022) — Two separate collisions on 210 Freeway resulted in major delays in traffic on Friday morning.
Based on reports, the first incident took place on the westbound lanes at Buena Vista Street. At about 2:00 a.m., the authorities responded to the crash which involved an Amazon truck that overturned.
Meanwhile, as the emergency response was ongoing on the first crash, a second collision occurred just a few feet away on the eastbound lanes. A motorcycle collided with a semi-truck, resulting in the hospitalization of the bike rider. The condition of the rider is unknown at this time. No further information was released.
Meantime, information on the cause of the two collisions and the events leading up to them were not immediately available. However, the investigation is ongoing.
All drivers carry equal responsibility for road safety. Follow all traffic laws at all times. When behind the wheel, avoid distractions and do not multitask. Follow the regulated speed. Keep an eye out for possible hazards and dangerous drivers. Furthermore, never operate a vehicle when sleepy, fatigued, and inebriated.

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