Lanes Closed after Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 55 at 17th Avenue [Santa Ana, CA]

Lanes Closed after Multi-Vehicle Crash on West Road at North Road [Redwood Valley, CA]
Lanes Closed after Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 55 at 17th Avenue [Santa Ana, CA]

Three Drivers Involved in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 55 at 17th Avenue in Santa Ana

SANTA ANA, CA (April 19, 2022) – Deputies had to close lanes following a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 55 on April 12.
According to the California Highway Patrol, the accident happened at 17th Avenue around 8:21 AM.
Based on a report, three vehicles collided in the lanes. However, the details that led to the accident were not immediately available.
As a result, the incident stalled the early morning traffic heading toward Newport Beach. Police said the accident blocked at least two lanes of the freeway.
Paramedics did not state any injury sustained in the crash.
At this point, an investigation into the case is ongoing. Also, no other details are available.
Follow traffic rules and always follow speed limits. Stay alert, follow road regulations, and, above all, consider the movements of other vehicles around you to prevent an accident.

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