Hiker Injured in Bicycle Accident on Nimitz Way [Berkeley, CA]

Hiker Injured in Bicycle Accident on Nimitz Way [Berkeley, CA]
Hiker Injured in Bicycle Accident on Nimitz Way [Berkeley, CA]

Female Hiker Hurt in Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident on Nimitz Way

BERKELEY, CA (March 8, 2021) — A 62-year-old woman suffered injuries in a bicycle accident on Nimitz Way on Friday, February 26.
Officers rushed to Tilden Regional Park’s Nimitz Way trail at about midday last Friday. They discovered that a bicyclist struck a female hiker from behind.
Both fell to the ground, and the bicyclist got up and asked the hiker if she was okay. Then the bicyclist rode away northbound on Nimitz Way.
Berkeley Fire Department firefighters rushed to the scene and gave treatments to the hiker for a small cut to her head. Then they released her, police stated.
Police described the bicyclist as a white male in his thirties. They said he rode a lighter green bicycle and carried a dark navy-colored backpack.
East Bay Regional Park District police urge the public to help them find the male bicyclist. Anyone who saw the incident can contact them at 510-690-6521.
If you ever get involved in a road accident, do not leave the area. Call the authorities and wait for the arrival of the police.

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