Edith Amezcua Injured in Multi-Car Accident on Highway 99 [Modesto, CA]

Edith Amezcua Injured in Multi-Car Accident on Highway 99 [Modesto, CA]
Edith Amezcua Injured in Multi-Car Accident on Highway 99 [Modesto, CA]

Edith Amezcua Injured, Shaw Conklin, Ashley Stilwell and Jorge Hernandez in Multi-Car Crash

MODESTO, CA (March 19, 2021) Edith Amezcua was injured in a multi-car accident on Highway 99 near Zeff Road Sunday afternoon.
According to the California Highway Patrol, the multi-car crash happened around 4:00 p.m. Under unclear circumstances, the drivers of an Infiniti sedan and a silver BMW were traveling at a high rate of speed.
Per witnesses, both cars began moving in a reckless manner before hitting three other vehicles.
According to the CHP, Shaw Conklin of Turlock struck a Nissan and a Camry with his Infiniti. As a result, 27-year-old Ashley Stilwell lost control of her Camry and struck a Chevrolet Traverse. Due to the impact, the Chevy struck the concrete wall and overturned off the highway several times.
Shortly after, paramedics arrived and transported 25-year-old Amezcua — the Chevy driver — to Doctors Medical Center. Meanwhile, her 11-month-old son suffered a small laceration to his head while her 6-year-old son suffered no injuries.
In addition, police believe the seatbelt that she wore saved her unborn child.
Fortunately, the 38-year-old driver of the Nissan, Jorge Hernandez and Stilwell, evaded harm in the accident.
As for 25-year-old Conklin, he purportedly complained of pain but refused hospital care. Based on the investigation, police say inebriation played a role. In addition, the BMW driver fled the scene. However, an investigation into the crash remains.

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