3-Car Accident on Highway 79 near 15 Freeway [Murrieta, CA]

3-Car Accident on Highway 79 near 15 Freeway [Murrieta, CA]
3-Car Accident on Highway 79 near 15 Freeway [Murrieta, CA]

At Least One Person Hurt in Murrieta 3-Car Crash on Highway 79

MURRIETA, CA (June 30, 2021) — At least one person was injured in a 3-car accident on Highway 79 near the 15 Freeway Sunday afternoon.
According to news reports, the multi-car collision happened around 2:00 p.m. For unknown reasons, a white SUV crashed into two other vehicles. Soon after, firefighters responded and extricated one person from one of the cars and transported the patient to a hospital with major injuries.
At this time, authorities have not confirmed where the fault lies or the circumstances at play. However, if anyone would like to help the authorities with this car accident, please contact the Murrieta Police Department.
Multi-car accidents happen when drivers travel too closely together. To increase your safety on the road, keep a distance from other travelers. Having road clearance around you keeps you out of people’s blind spots and provides you clearance to respond in the event of a hazard.

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